What If The Legend Of Zorro Delved Into Multiverse Long Before Marvel and DC?

What If The Legend Of Zorro Delved Into Multiverse Long Before Marvel and DC?
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Marvel and DC aren't the only ones who know how to do it. Get ready for a fascinating journey through the world of American history.

The sequel to The Mask of Zorro may not have been as critically and commercially acclaimed as the original movie, but fans of the vigilante are still finding interesting details that reveal more about the film.

Redditor Swbuckler noted that the motion picture takes place in 1850, before the Civil War even began. However, the movie's plot features Confederate commander Beauregard, who was inspired by a real-life figure of the same name.

The main villain, Count Armand Doria, tries to supply the Confederates with explosives throughout the movie. However, the Confederate States did not even exist at the time.

The Redditor realizes that this is a feature film that may not be based on reality, but what if the events of The Legend of Zorro take place in an alternate universe?

The fan believes that President Zachary Taylor did not die in the war. But to understand this theory, we need to look at the history books.

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Zachary Taylor

Zachary Taylor was a successful general before he became head of state. He passed away in 1850 while eating a cherry with milk, which sounds like a pretty strange way to die, although the president did have real problems with his stomach.

Taylor saw slavery as economically impractical and tried in every way to antagonize the Southerners by siding with the Northerners in the Civil War. There is a conspiracy theory that the president was poisoned by his own elites.

But perhaps in the Zorro universe, Taylor never died, leading to an alternate battle between South and North that began earlier and lasted much longer than 4 years.

This theory would explain the inaccuracy of the movie's plot. Although some fans have suggested that the idea of Taylor's poisoning is nothing more than a conspiracy, the Redditor's idea seems quite logical.

Other viewers believe the filmmakers never tried to be historically accurate. After all, who can be a blind follower of official documents? The audience feels that the vicious Confederates would make perfect villains in any movie about the American Civil War era.

Source: Reddit