Was 'Tokyo Vice' Renewed For The Second Season?

Was 'Tokyo Vice' Renewed For The Second Season?
Image credit: Legion-Media

HBO Max's true crime drama starring Ansel Elgort proved to be a big hit with viewers and critics alike, but will the network renew it for the second outing?

Based on Jake Adelstein's best-selling novel about his work at a Japanese newspaper in the late '90s, the series takes the viewer into the bustling atmosphere of last century Tokyo, filled with mahjong parlors and dangerous yakuza clans. Fans loved the carefully crafted atmosphere of the 8-episode series, praising it for accurately reproducing the look and feel of the vast Japanese metropolis.

So, has HBO renewed the show starring Ken Watanabe for a second season? Not yet. Rumor has it the main aspect delaying this decision is the series' main star, Ansel Elgort, who found himself embroiled in a quiet controversy when several women accused him of sexual misconduct. Although no legal action has been taken against the 'Baby Driver' star, it's understandable why HBO still doesn't want to renew his series.

Another reason for the renewal still pending is the ratings – although the series already has a fairly loyal fandom, a lot of people didn't like it. Many 'Tokyo Vice ' characters speak Japanese (including Elgort), so viewers are forced to watch the show with subtitles, which is not a good thing for a promising crime series to have. In addition, 'Tokyo Vice' production was apparently very expensive, so the final decision about the show's future is still in limbo.

Fans are demanding that HBO Max renew the show, citing that the cliffhanger finale is not a good way to end the series.

The series has not yet been officially cancelled, so the fate of 'Tokyo Vice' will probably be known in the coming months.