Was it Rings of Power's Disa's Fault That Balrog Destroyed Moria? Looks Like Yes

Was it Rings of Power's Disa's Fault That Balrog Destroyed Moria? Looks Like Yes
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Disa's deeds could lead to much more serious consequences than the viewers expect.

One of the most powerful scenes in The Fellowship of the Ring is the characters' encounter with Durin's Bane, a flaming Balrog in the darkness of Moria.

This is an important moment for the entire saga – Gandalf sacrificed himself to save his friends, and was subsequently reborn to play an important role in the war.

However, the episode with the Balrog may raise questions. Why did a creature as powerful as Durin's Bane end up destroying Moria and stayed in the dungeons beneath it?

As strange as it may sound, it seems that it is Disa, Durin's wife, who can cause this in the Rings of Power.

After the defeat of the hordes of Morgoth, Balrog hid in the Misty Mountains, deep beneath Mount Caradhras.

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But in the 1980s of the Third Age, the dwarves of Moria had been dugging too deep and too greedily for mithril that they awaken a fire-demon and caused great number of deaths.

That same year the Balrog killed the dwarf king Durin VI, and the following year his son Nain I. So where is Disa in this story?

As it seemed to the viewers for almost the whole of the first season, Disa is a completely harmless and even funny character who brings a sense of humor to the show.

A lot of people liked the dynamics of the relationship between Disa and Durin, and for the most part, it just elicited sympathy.

The most important thing Disa did was the discovery of mithril. However, the king, Durin's father, soon forbade the mining of the metal due to its dangerous nature, and it was then that Disa's dark side manifested itself.

The veil of frivolity fell from her as she reassured her husband that the king did not have much time left. The king is indeed very old, and when he dies, no one will be able to stop her from getting the mithril.

And as those who have seen Jackson's movies or read the books remember, one of the main flaws of the dwarfs is greed.

With unlimited access to mithril loot, Disa will likely cross the line, and her actions will lead to the awakening of the Balrog.

Considering that the series follows its own story and draws little on Tolkien's original source, it can be assumed that not Durin VI, but Durin IV, Disa's husband, will become the Balrog's victim and that would earn the demon his famous name-Durin's Bane.