Viserys' Crown Moment Almost Didn't Happen, But Paddy Considine Saved The Day

Viserys' Crown Moment Almost Didn't Happen, But Paddy Considine Saved The Day
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All hail the true king!

Paddy Considine, who portrayed King Viserys Targaryen in House of Dragon, made sure that fans were not robbed of what is now considered one of the best moments in the entire series.

To this day, fans can't help but shed a tear when Daemon helps Viserys with his fallen crown in episode 8, as the crippled king enters the throne room to defend Rhaenyra. It turns out that the moment was improvised during the first take.

But to make sure it stayed in, both Paddy Considine and Matt Smith had to repeat what they came up with several times.

"Just to make sure that it stayed in, I made sure that it fell off every single time. I don't trust these people!" Considine revealed while telling the anecdote at a fan convention.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions in the entire series — at least according to fans, who found this Viserys-Daemon moment to be incredibly compelling and touching.

"I literally watch this episode time again because I want to see this moment. It humanized Daemon so much and really illustrated their connection as brothers," said Redditor Brief_Elevator_8936.

The way Considine went out of his way to keep one of the show's best moments in the final cut only made fans love him more. His performance as King Viserys has been hailed by the fandom as arguably the best in the series, with fans still outraged that the actor never received an award for his role.

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House of the Dragon will return with season 2 after it starts filming in March, but Considine is unlikely to be a part of it, as his character died in the end of the first season.