Upcoming Horror Movies That Will Haunt Your Screens This September

Upcoming Horror Movies That Will Haunt Your Screens This September
Image credit: Lionsgate, Epic Pictures Releasing

It's that time of year.

As the spooky season creeps up on your doorstep, it brings its eerie treat with a slew of chilling movies set to hit the big screen. From sequels to beloved tales to fresh stories, September 2023 is sure to be rich with events for some hardcore horror fans.

The Nun II
Release date: September 8

Fans of both The Conjuring franchise and the first installment of The Nun will be in the front row of every cinema this September. The second installment of the familiar story is an even more in-depth exploration of the origins of the demon Valak.

Set in 1956 France, the story follows Sister Irene, played by Taissa Farmiga, as she confronts the murder of a priest and the resurrection of Valak.

A Haunting in Venice
Release date: September 15

In another Agatha Christie adaptation and her most chilling mystery to date, Kenneth Branagh reprises his role as master detective Hercule Poirot. With an all-star cast including Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Dornan, the retired Poirot must use his deductive skills to catch the cunning killer in the haunted house of the enchanting city of Venice.

All Fun and Games
Release date: September 1

This horror flick, featuring an all-star cast including Sex Education 's Asa Butterfield and Stranger Things ' Natalie Dyer, has already hit the big screens in theaters in your city. Directed by Ari Costa and Eren Celeboglu, the story takes place in Salem, where a group of teenagers find a cursed knife that awakens a sinister demon and turns their innocent games into deadly consequences.

Satanic Hispanics
Release date: September 14

This groundbreaking Latin horror anthology with a folklore twist brings together chilling tales from across Latin America and premieres during Hispanic Heritage Month. The film transcends cultural boundaries and invites diverse audiences to immerse themselves in the mysteries and horrors of Latin American storytelling.

Saw X
Release date: September 29

In the twelfth installment of the fan-favorite horror franchise, Tobin Bell returns to his grisly work as the Jigsaw Killer. Set between the first and second films, this time around cancer-stricken John Kramer travels to Mexico for a possible cure, only to discover it's a trap. The tension builds as the Jigsaw Killer, driven by a new mission, begins his deadly games with con artists.

It Lives Inside
Release date: September 22

Offering a unique perspective on loneliness, this gripping story brings a refreshing cultural representation to American horror. Starring Megan Suri as Samidha, the film centers on an Indian-American teenager who, after a falling out with her best friend over cultural identity, inadvertently releases a demonic entity that thrives on her loneliness and grows more powerful with each passing day.