Twilight’s Most Devastating Character Arc Is Criminally Overlooked 

Twilight’s Most Devastating Character Arc Is Criminally Overlooked 
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This poor girl deserved so much more.


  • There were a lot of interesting supporting characters in Twilight, but Bree Tanner deserves a special mention.
  • Bree was an unfortunate little girl who was turned into a vampire against her will, and her character provides a deeper look into what life can be like for a newly turned vampire.

Ten years ago, the final Twilight movie was released, ending one of the most successful franchises in the world, the source of broken hearts and a universal obsession with vampires. Twilight is a movie hit that gave fans in the 2000s extra reasons to sigh for pale people with unhealthy tendencies — and hundreds of memes for everyone else.

We could go on and on about the many virtues of Twilight that made the franchise a cult favorite, but one of the films' undeniable strengths is its secondary characters. We loved Charlie, feared the Volturi, and felt for every member of the Cullen family.

But the most tragic supporting character got undeservedly little screen time, and that's Bree Tanner.

Bree Was the Most Tragic Side Character

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If you don't remember who that is, let us remind you – Bree first appeared in Eclipse as the youngest newly-turned vampire in Victoria's army, whose goal was to avenge the death of her lover and kill Bella and the Cullen family.

The same year Eclipse premiered, Stephenie Meyer published a short story focusing on Bree's life after her transformation into a vampire, The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. This heartbreaking novel fully reveals the drama and tragedy of a young girl who could not find herself in the violent world of vampires and werewolves.

As it turned out, Bree was living with her cruel father, who had killed her mother and told the girl that she had left her. The girl could not take the abuse for long, and just before her 16th birthday, Bree ran away from home.

In Seattle, where she was looking for food in a garbage dump, Riley, Victoria's associate, noticed Bree and offered her food. Needless to say, it was a hoax, and as soon as they entered the dark alley, Bree was turned into a vampire.

She never became part of the crowd of cruel and hungry vampire converts, and although she found herself in bad (very bad) company, Bree herself was never bad by nature. So when the Cullens offered her protection in exchange for information, Bree happily agreed.

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However, this did not save her from a tragic fate. The girl died at the hands of Felix, but not before suffering at the hands of Jane's terrifying abilities.

Bree represents a person who became a victim of circumstance, a person who was turned against her will into a bloodthirsty, cruel monster, and who was not taught to live by the rules of her new second life.

Bree's life as a vampire was undoubtedly short, and while she is not a major character, her story offers a deeper, more dramatic look into the life of a young vampire.