Twilight's Ashley Greene Nods To Her Vampiric Future In The CW's New Procedural Series

Twilight's Ashley Greene Nods To Her Vampiric Future In The CW's New Procedural Series
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No one should forget their roots.


  • Wild Cards is The CW's procedural comedy-drama that follows a demoted water cop and a con woman on their mission to solve crimes.
  • The show just premiered in 2024, but has already garnered a strong fan base thanks to Riverdale 's Vanessa Morgan and Grey's Anatomy's Giacomo Gianniotti in the lead roles.
  • Twilight 's Ashley Greene will also appear in the show as a producer of the vampire-themed TV show Wendy.

No matter how many years pass, there is nothing that can stop true fans from obsessing over their favorite story and finding more details with each and every reread or rewatch. Perhaps that's why the most popular dramas of our teenage years are as relevant today as they were decades ago.

If you're still riding the hype of Twilight's recent 15th anniversary, which took place in 2023, and can't get over all the love your favorite vampire franchise has gotten over the years, here's more good news to add to the bank. Ashley Greene, who portrayed Alice Cullen in the movies, is back to honor her vampire roots.

This time, the star will appear on The CW's Wild Cards, not as a vampire, but as the person who works behind the scenes on a vampire TV show.

Wild Cards Ashley Greene Cameo

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If in the Twilight series Ashley Greene's character Alice had a special power to see the future, in Wild Cards she has to secure her future through the authorities. The TV show that her character, Wendy, runs has become the target of a creepy stalker, and the entire cast is affected by her pursuit.

It just so happens that this particular vampire drama is the one that Vanessa Morgan's Max adores, so she annoys Chief Li to the point that she and Ellis are assigned to the case. Together, they must ensure the safety of the cast and find out who the mysterious stalker is. Just another Tuesday for the duo!

The CW's Wild Cards premiered in January 2024, becoming the network's first original show to launch in the new era following the rebranding. The story of a carefree con artist and a demoted cop who wants nothing more than to get his detective badge back has already captured the hearts of viewers.

Fun and easy to watch, the first season of Wild Cards has a 76% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. However, with 5 more episodes to go, that rating could still change.

If you are in the mood for vampire nostalgia and want to see Ashley Greene back to her roots, minus the spiky wig, be sure to tune in to Wild Cards on Wednesday, February 14th on The CW.