Twilight Movies Failed to Capture The Books’ Most Essential Part (Which New Series Needs to Fix)

Twilight Movies Failed to Capture The Books’ Most Essential Part (Which New Series Needs to Fix)
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And no, it's not the cringey dialogue.

We doubt that there is anyone in the world who is not familiar with the Twilight franchise. Based on the books by Stephenie Meyer, the saga follows Bella as she changes her life after meeting Edward and discovering the supernatural.

There are five movies in the franchise, each one great in its own way. However, there seems to be one major problem in all of them that actually makes us rethink the quality of the movies' scripts.

The thing is, Meyer's books gave us a great perspective on the main plot of the story – Edward and Bella's romance. The author put a lot of time and effort into describing their relationship from the very beginning, so it would be understandable why these two would be willing to do almost anything to stay together.

Even the moment when Bella realizes that Edward is a vampire is different in the movie. The whole scene is dark and creepy and generally not very pleasant. It shows Bella in fear, despite her claims to the contrary, and focuses on Edward's "vampire characteristics".

So the problem with the movies is that instead of capturing the great love story of the two, all the effort was put into depicting the supernatural.

Sure, it's obvious that the main reason for that was to make the movies more intense and cinematic. But this approach hurt the main story. So much that it was not even easy for fans to root for Bella and Edward's relationship.

With Jacob in the picture and stealing the focus while creating the ridiculous love triangle, the story of a great love was once again put on the shelf and made room for some unrealistic (for those who have read the books) events.

It just doesn't seem fair to the characters of Edward and Bella that so much is left out of their love story. All the moments of bonding where they realize how much they love each other or how similar they are despite being born almost a century apart…

Well, if you, like us, love a great love story, then maybe it's time to read the books again. Or hope that the upcoming TV series will manage to grasp what the movies failed to capture.