TV Shows With Insufferable Leads We Still Love For Some Reason

TV Shows With Insufferable Leads We Still Love For Some Reason
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We absolutely love these shows but we probably hate its protagonists.

There are shows that keep us watching it non-stop for different reasons: a thrilling plot, top-notch directorial work, or lead actors whose performances are absolutely spot-on.

However, sometimes protagonists embody every possible sin that exists but we still keep watching.

Let's take a look at some of the best shows with absolutely bad guys as main characters.


The sitcom Seinfeld features self-absorbed and unfeeling personalities of Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer.

These characters are imbued with a Machiavellian disposition, willing to resort to deception and cunning tactics to achieve their individualistic goals, frequently at the expense of their acquaintances and intimates.

Though the show is undoubtedly funny, it presents a challenge to the viewer in terms of feeling for such egocentric and unsympathetic individuals.

Mad Men

At the crux of the captivating drama series Mad Men lies the character of Don Draper, a virtuosic advertising executive who grapples with the intricacies of reconciling his private and occupational spheres.

Draper is attractive and charming but he has problems with drinking too much and cheating on people. With all his inner demons and a lot of personal issues, he is a hard character to look up to.

The Sopranos

In the iconic crime drama the narrative revolves around the head of a New Jersey-based mafia syndicate, Tony Soprano, who exudes an irresistible charisma, despite his proclivity for reprehensible and selfish behavior.

Soprano's drug and alcohol abuse, extramarital affairs, and a penchant for remorselessly killing his enemies render him a complex and challenging character to appreciate or empathize with.

House of Cards

The political drama series House of Cards features the protagonist Frank Underwood, a sly and alluring politician who will stop at nothing to fulfill his aspirations.

He is willing to deceive, cheat, and even take lives to secure his goals, which make him a distasteful and unsympathetic character.

Though some viewers may be entranced by his sagaciousness and confidence, his total absence of morality and compassion for others complicates any attempts at rooting for him.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad chronicles the life of Walter White, a high school chemistry instructor diagnosed with cancer, who resorts to a life of crime to provide for his family.

While the audience may initially empathize with Walter's predicament, his conduct over the course of the show grows increasingly abhorrent as he becomes more ruthless in his pursuit of power.

He resorts to lying, manipulating, and committing murder to ascend the drug trade hierarchy, putting those closest to him in jeopardy, rendering his character complex and morally ambiguous.