TV Shows That Perfectly Capture Gen Z Culture

TV Shows That Perfectly Capture Gen Z Culture
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If you are desperate to watch something like Euphoria or Sex Education, this list of Gen Z TV shows is for you.

Born in the late 1990s to early 2010s, Gen Z has a unique cultural experience that has been shaped by technology and social change. TV shows like Euphoria and Sex Education authentically capture the essence of Gen Z culture, reflect on their lives, and address the challenges they face.

Here is a list of other series that offer a glimpse into the world of Gen Z, featuring relatable and diverse characters navigating high school, college, or adulthood.


Elite is a popular Spanish television series that revolves around the lives of the students who attend a prestigious private school called Las Encinas. The show focuses on the clash between the working class students, who receive scholarships to attend the school, and the wealthy students, who come from more privileged backgrounds.

As the story unfolds, the characters navigate complex relationships, the pressures of society, and the dark secrets of their personal lives.

Outer Banks

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Through its portrayal of complex relationships, personal struggles, and the conflict between social classes, Outer Banks captures the essence of Gen Z culture. While the show's adventurous plot may not directly reflect the everyday lives of Gen Z, its themes of friendship, romance, and socioeconomic disparity resonate with the experiences and challenges faced by many young people today.

Never Have I Ever

Netflix 's Never Have I Ever is a beautiful depiction of the teenage experience, exploring themes of grief, identity, and navigating the complexities of adolescence. Through the authentic portrayal of Devi Vishwakumar and her relatable struggles, the series captured the nature of the challenges and growth of the Gen Z generation.


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With its diverse cast and exploration of breaking social norms, HBO Max 's Genera+ion is another show that perfectly captures the nature of Gen Z. Despite being canceled after one season, the show provided an authentic representation of the generation's struggles and aspirations, that a lot of teenagers can resonate with.


With its focus on a young adult navigating the real world and pursuing his dreams, Netflix's Glamorous stands out among other TV shows about teenagers. Marco's journey as a makeup addict and budding influencer echoes the ambitions and challenges many Gen Zers face. The show offers a relatable and authentic portrayal of the Gen Z experience, exploring themes of identity, career struggles, and relationships.