Tubi Just Released Its Newest Free Horror of 2024 (and It's a Surprising Gem)

Tubi Just Released Its Newest Free Horror of 2024 (and It's a Surprising Gem)
Image credit: Tubi

The new splatter movie deserves much more coverage in the media and on social platforms.


  • The Tubi library has been updated with a new slasher movie.
  • It is a backroads horror that plays with many clichés of the genre.
  • The movie pleasantly surprised the audience and can be watched for free.

Tubi is not only known for its free, ad-supported access to various classic movies and series (mostly horror and thrillers) that we have rented in the past in VHS and DVD formats. The service's library, especially in recent years, has been actively replenished with great original projects that continue to amaze audiences with their quality.

Most recently, on March 22, 2024, the streaming service released the original horror comedy Slay, which follows plucky drag queens as they face off against hordes of bloodthirsty vampires. And while reviews of original movies and TV series on Tubi range from trashy to rapturous, many of them are pretty good binge-watching options.

And now the streaming service has added a new horror movie, which of course can be streamed for free (well, if you don't count the regular pop-up ads as a fee). The result is an excellent splatter B-movie that won't impress you with its big budget, but will definitely surprise you with its twists and turns.

At first glance, the plot is rather cliché: a story about victims fleeing from bloodthirsty rednecks - something we've already seen in The Hills Have Eyes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Children of the Corn and Cabin Fever. However, this is what the movie expects from the viewer and as a result it delivers crazy twists that are too good for a Tubi movie. Let's find out what this movie is and what critics and audiences are saying about it.

What Is the New Horror Movie on Tubi About?

We're talking about Lowlifes, which was added to Tubi for free streaming just a few days ago, on April 11, 2024, but has already gotten decent reviews. It was directed by Tesh Guttikonda (Influencer) and Mitch Oliver (The Druid's Hand) and written by Al Kaplan.

Even if you haven't heard those terms before, you're probably familiar with slasher movies whose subgenre is called backwoods or backroads horror (also called RVs or redneck horror) – the aforementioned survival horror movies are in that genre style. However, Lowlifes is not what you might think it is at first. In fact, it repeatedly subverts this trope by effectively contrasting clichéd big city characters with provincial country bumpkins in a pickup truck, leaving you wondering which of the two groups might be the real villain. By the way, there are a lot of homages to typical genre clichés like the big mute guy like Leatherface and the typical city snobs looking down on the 'lowlifes'.

The plot is fairly straightforward. A Los Angeles family consisting of father Keith (Matthew MacCaull), mother Kathleen (Elyse Levesque) and their children, Jeffrey (Josh Zaharia) and Amy (Amanda Fix), go on a cross-country vacation. During breakfast, Amy goes out for a smoke but is accosted by threatening looking rednecks who claim their cousin is missing. But as we've already hinted, the family is far from innocent and clearly has something to hide.

What Are Critics and Audiences Saying about the Movie?

Having only recently been released on a relatively niche platform, Lowlifes has yet to receive a significant amount of reviews from professional critics. However, audiences who have seen it are already loving it, thanks to its clever use of classic slasher tropes and its interesting reinterpretation of them, contrasting the arrogance of the big city with the straightforwardness of the country folk.

Don't expect the movie to be unambiguously scary, but it will definitely surprise you with unexpected plot twists and suspense. All this makes Lowlifes one of the best movies available on Tubi. Hurry up and watch it, considering that it's completely free to stream!