Train to Busan and Prisoner of Azkaban Directors Join Forces for Their New Thriller

Train to Busan and Prisoner of Azkaban Directors Join Forces for Their New Thriller
Image credit: Legion-Media, Warner Bros.

When Yeon Sang-ho and Alfonso Cuarón get together, expectations are sky-high.

To the general audience, Yeon Sang-ho and Alfonso Cuarón are known as the directors of Train to Busan and Children of Men, respectively. Okay, if you’re a Harry Potter fan like us, you likely know Cuarón for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, first and foremost. The point still stands, either way: what project could get these two very different moviemakers together?

It’s Time for Unexpected Revelations

To give you some context, Yeon Sang-ho is more than just a movie director. In South Korea, he’s a well-respected multi-talent, and in this case, he decided to adapt his own webtoon, Revelations, into a movie format. The webtoon is very popular in Yeon’s home country and beyond it, and boasts a unique and compelling setting.

Revelations follows two main characters, a detective and a pastor, working on a missing persons case for their own reasons. The pastor was given a revelation claiming that the man behind his son’s disappearance was before him; and the detective is plagued by visions of her late sister who died under horrifying circumstances. These two will keep digging until they find their answers.

Yeon and Cuarón to Join Forces

Revelations will be adapted as a feature movie for Netflix, and while Yeon Sang-ho has more than enough experience with those, he was given a personal guardian angel from the world of cinema, too. Yeon will direct the film with the support of the Oscar-winning Alfonso Cuarón who’ll act as executive producer and consultant.

“Alfonso Cuarón, known for masterpieces like Children of Men and Gravity, has greatly influenced my work as a director. I am thrilled at this opportunity to collaborate with him on shaping Revelations, and I have high expectations for our partnership,” Yeon Sang-ho excitedly shared with THR.

The two lead stars have also been disclosed: the pastor will be played by The 8 Show’s Ryu Jun-yeol, and Hospital Playlist’s Shin Hyun-been will portray the detective. Both actors are popular with South Korean audiences, with their biggest hits also becoming international phenomena. Revelations already boasts a strong creative and acting team, and we’re eager to see the end result!

Source: THR