Top Gun 3 Gets a Frustrating Update from the Producer

Top Gun 3 Gets a Frustrating Update from the Producer
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What will it take to Cruise in the sky above the enemy lines once again?

Just two years ago, Tom Cruise “saved the theaters” with his latest and greatest movie Top Gun: Maverick. Sorry, Mission: Impossible, but it’s true. It was 2022, the peak of the pandemic, and people didn’t go to movies — until Cruise put on the aviator’s uniform and took to the sky. Inspired by his example, folks took to theaters.

Today, theaters don’t need another saving as the previous summer proved, but fans are still eagerly awaiting Top Gun 3. What’s the status of Tom Cruise’s next epic?

Top Gun 3 Gets a Frustrating Update

Famous producer Jerry Bruckheimer has been working with Tom Cruise for ages, but it was their collaboration on Top Gun: Maverick that really stands out.

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Understandably, Bruckheimer is going to be producing the much-anticipated Top Gun 3, as well… But when exactly that’s going to happen, he can’t even predict.

Recently, Bruckheimer sat down with Deadline to discuss his current and future projects — and of course, he was asked for an update on Top Gun 3.

“We’ve got some interesting ideas we’ve talked to Tom Cruise about, but we don’t have a script yet. It will be a while,” the producer replied, shattering fans’ hopes for a soon release.

Two years later, the next Top Gun installment is not even in pre-production, which is a major bummer: these movies take a long time to make, so we shouldn’t hope to fly alongside Tom Cruise in the next few years… Unless it’s in a different movie.

Top Gun 3 Can’t Follow in Maverick’s Footsteps

Top Gun: Maverick is a cinematic masterpiece and the prime example of an action drama done right. It’s outstanding in every regard… Except for one: its timing. The original Top Gun premiered all the way back in 1986, and it took 36 whole years to make the second installment! This is the one thing we hope Top Gun 3 won’t inherit.

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Arguably, the movie wouldn’t lose much even if they did wait another three decades or so. Tom Cruise would be way over 90 years old, but he’s a certified vampire incapable of aging so he won’t look much different than now — and CGI would be on a whole new level, which is a nice bonus… But we’d be way older, too, which is a shame. After all, very few of us possess Top Gun star’s natural disregard for aging.

Source: Deadline