Top 5 Glee Christmas Covers to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit, Ranked by Reddit

Top 5 Glee Christmas Covers to Get You Into the Holiday Spirit, Ranked by Reddit
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You won’t be able to be a Grinch by the end of this list.

Even those who have grown to hate Glee over the years can't help but agree that the Christmas songs have always been the best part of the show. So much so that the best covers were actually released as a separate album and still top the charts every year.

With so many episodes and so many songs, it's hard to pick the best. However, the fandom has its favorites and tends to be very vocal about them.

Here are the top five Christmas covers by the Glee cast that will not leave you indifferent, ranked from good to "Mariah Carey should be scared" by Reddit.

5. Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree

Let's all admit that while the season 5 Christmas special wasn't anywhere near as awesome as the rest, it still provided some pretty great covers to get you in the mood. This cover of Brenda Lee's 1958 classic is a great example of New Direction's bonding over a song that melts our hearts.

4. Feliz Navidad

Anything that involves traveling to a parallel universe is fun to watch, but it was especially fun to see Artie Abrams on his feet dancing around the choir room. Also, this is one of the few songs Glee has in a foreign language, which is a shame considering that the choir is led by a Spanish teacher.

3. Last Christmas

This beautiful and slightly sad Wham! song was sung by Finn Hudson and Rachel Berry and became the first ever Christmas single the show has released. Luckily, Glee did justice to this timeless George Michael hit, and it never misses that bittersweet spot of Christmas blues.

2. All I Want for Christmas Is You

Of course, no list of Christmas songs can be complete without Mariah Carey's hit, which tops the Christmas charts every year. Glee covers are no exception, and even though this is not the most popular song among the fandom, it still ranks pretty high. Plus, it lets talented Amber Riley steal her well-deserved spotlight.

1. Baby, It's Cold Outside

There was nothing more groundbreaking than a classic Christmas romantic duet given to two male characters, but Chris Colfer as Kurt Hummel and Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson took on the challenge and made the song their own. With an overwhelming number of votes, this Blaine performance tops the charts.

Source: Reddit