Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible Co-Stars Don't Hold Back on Working with the Actor

Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible Co-Stars Don't Hold Back on Working with the Actor
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Tom Cruise is surrounded by rumors: some say he’s impossible to work with while others praise the actor for his kindness. Here’s what his M:I co-stars have to say.

When you’re Tom Cruise, you can’t take a single step without people talking about it, and you’re surrounded by one too many rumors. No one can really figure out your personality as there are many who hate and curse you and many others who praise and give you compliments. You’re a mystery.

But let’s drop the act and accept that you’re not Tom Cruise. It will be better for everyone this way, we promise.

Instead, let’s try to figure out the real actor: some of his co-stars claimed to have gone through hell working with the man, and some can’t stop singing love songs to the actor’s kindness, generosity, and all that stuff.

Since Cruise’s new Mission: Impossible movie is hitting the theaters soon, let’s see what his M:I franchise co-stars have been saying about him throughout the years.

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French actress Emmanuelle Béart starred with Cruise in the very first Mission: Impossible installment in 1996, and she had quite an audition. The actor left an impression on her, and she later described him as “someone extremely professional, generous, and good.”

Simon Pegg, who worked with Cruise on Mission: Impossible III back in 2006, doubles down on that: he was absolutely mesmerized by the actor. According to Simon, Tom is “one of a kind” and he’s never met another person who’d make him feel this safe and welcome.

"[Tom] is a generous, sweet guy who looks after everybody. He leads from the top down. And he's kind of inspiring to be around. <...> He is just a guy. He's an extraordinary guy. He's a guy who feels the obligation to the audience to risk his life for them to kind of entertain them,” shared Pegg.

Hayley Atwell is Tom Cruise’s newest co-star: they’ve been working on the seventh Mission: Impossible movie. Like the others, Atwell is charmed by Cruise’s kindness and claims that he is “very professional and he goes out of the way to make sure anyone around him in working capacity makes them feel very safe.”

It’s actually heartwarming to see just how many people love Tom Cruise and are thankful to him. Surely, there are some others who state quite the opposite, but hardly anyone treats all his colleagues equally — and hardly anyone’s got so much praise from the people they worked with, either.

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