Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible Co-Star Gives a Scary Hint about His Character's Grim Future

Tom Cruise's Mission Impossible Co-Star Gives a Scary Hint about His Character's Grim Future
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After the sudden and arguably unnecessary death of a beloved character at the end of M:I7, the fans are tense — and Simon Pegg's recent revelation doesn't make things easier for anyone.

Without spoilers, we just lost one of the Mission: Impossible franchise's most loved and anticipated characters in the finale of Dead Reckoning Part I. This alone was enough to have Ethan Hunt's fans on edge; however, this might be far from the last sudden loss as the recent revelation from Simon Pegg suggests.

Pegg's Benji Dunn has been in the franchise for well over a decade. Dunn joined Ethan Hunt's team back in the third movie and became its crucial part: being a tech wizard, Benji has been ensuring Hunt's safety from a distance for many years. His chemistry with the rest of the team is endearing, and Benji is loved by the fans.

It would be just tragic if something was to happen to Benji Dunn in the next installment of Mission: Impossible, don't you think? We certainly do, and we aren't happy with one of Simon Pegg's recent revelations regarding the future of his character. Things don't look too good for Dunn and other Hunt's colleagues.

When speaking to CinemaBlend recently, Pegg addressed how he'd feel if his character was to die in the upcoming movie, and here's what he said.

"As I think Luther says, we don't matter as much as the mission, and any one of us at any time could face the end. And if that happened, I'd be sad. <...> He's been in my life for 17 years. I've watched him, I've been him, growing up, becoming an older, more mature agent, and you know, they live a sort of tragic life in a way," shared the actor.

While Simon Pegg mostly regarded his own feelings for Dunn's potential death, he also pointed out that no one truly knew what demise awaited agents other than Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt himself, and he sounded ready to accept his character's fate. Despite his sadness, the actor realizes that it might just be needed for the plot.

What can we say… Hands off Benji! We need the sweetest man on the team alive for as long as humanly possible, and then some more.

Source: CinemaBlend