Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible 7 Co-star Hayley Atwell Hates Her Nude Scenes

Tom Cruise's Mission: Impossible 7 Co-star Hayley Atwell Hates Her Nude Scenes
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The newest addition to the Mission: Impossible franchise, Hayley Atwell’s done her fair share of big movies before it — and everywhere she went, she saw the same problem.

Intimate scenes are not a rare occurrence in modern films, but they are most definitely not the most comfortable experience for the actors. For most people, the very thought of going naked and pretending to have sex with a stranger for many hours in front of an entire filming crew sounds like a nightmare, and we get that.

The actors don’t always have the privilege to say no to this type of scene, though. Even if they're feeling awkward, it’s their job — and if the director decided that a nude or sex sequence is needed in this section of the movie, they aren’t likely to change their mind. But the reasons for those scenes can be very different, too.

Sometimes, a nude scene is required by the plot if, say, the character is naked at that point and there’s no way around it.

Sometimes, an intimate sequence is needed to reveal the relationship between two characters better, and that’s understandable, too. But in many cases, these scenes are filmed just for the sake of having them.

Hayley Atwell ’s mostly famous for playing Agent Carter but apart from Captain America, she’s done other big-name projects: for instance, she starred in Black Mirror and will appear in the new Mission: Impossible movies starting from the upcoming seventh installment. Hayley’s done quite a few movies in her career…

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…And everywhere she went, she encountered the same issue: unnecessary intimate scenes with no other purpose than revealing the female lead’s body for the sake of thirsty viewers. Hayley Atwell is very much not OK with this approach, and while she did numerous steamy scenes, she’s always stood up against the unnecessary ones.

“It’s not so much things [my character] wouldn’t say. It often involves me just going, ‘I don’t think she would be naked in this scene. There’s no need for that. I’m not doing it just to fulfill your weird little fantasy,'” shared the actress at a Comic-Con when asked about facing sexism and prejudice on movie sets.

While it’s clear that Hayley Atwell hasn’t always had the most pleasant experience working on her movies, she’s never complained about anything going wrong on the set of Mission: Impossible 7 — and this was admittedly very helpful as the critics who’d seen the movie’s premiere in Rome can’t stop praising the actress and claiming that Atwell was literally stealing every scene she was a part of.

Source: E! Online