Tom Cruise's Biggest Regret? Signing Up For This 80s Cringe Gem

Tom Cruise's Biggest Regret? Signing Up For This 80s Cringe Gem
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The only Tom Cruise movie Tom Cruise himself wouldn't recommend.

Let's face it: even the most successful actors like Tom Cruise occasionally regret agreeing to some of their movies. Even though Cruise's portfolio is rich with absolute hits like the Mission Impossible franchise or Top Gun: Maverick, there is one particular movie the A-lister will always regret.

Don't get too offended if it happens to be your favorite comfort movie from the 80s, though.

It turns out that dark fantasy Legend, released in 1985 and directed by Ridley Scott, is a "never-again" for Cruise. Back at the time, he portrayed a man named Jack of the Green who was literally "a pure being" who had to stop the Dark Lord from bringing eternal night to the world.

Sounds cringeworthy by today's standards? Wait until you hear what Cruise himself has to say.

"First of all, the press kind of took that and blew it out of proportion. It’s a movie-movie," Cruise recalled in an interview with Rolling Stone, noting that he was just "another color in a Ridley Scott painting."

The painting in question failed to utilize Cruise's acting talents, which, let's be honest, are not necessarily required when you play someone named "Jack of the Green."

If you are a big enough Tom Cruise fan to check out Legend anyway, you might as well suffer through it just like the actor himself did.

By the way, speaking of the filming process, Cruise mentioned that he was basically "looking at a piece of black tape and having to imagine all of it." And we want to see this man in a Marvel movie, where 90% of the entire film is green screen? No, sir!

Source: Rolling Stone