'Tokyo Vice' Just Ended, But Fans Are Demanding Renewal For Season 2

'Tokyo Vice' Just Ended, But Fans Are Demanding Renewal For Season 2
Image credit: Legion-Media

HBO Max's true-crime drama starring Ansel Elgort and Ken Watanabe just ended, and fans are worried that the streaming service may not pick it up for a second season.

The series, centered on a young American journalist's attempt to succeed at a Japanese newspaper while slowly descending into the criminal underworld of Tokyo, corrupted by yakuza and dirty cops, premiered to critical and audience acclaim but does not seem to have reached mainstream audiences. Undoubtedly, this is already a cult show with a strong following on the Internet, so HBO Max 's silence on its future is quite unnerving for the fans of the series.

Rich worldbuilding of 'Tokyo Vice ' demands show's continuation, demands a sequel, and the series finale has already earned high praise from fans. Thus, a possible renewal of the series looks like a win-win situation for HBO and fans alike.

However, the show is obviously expensive production-wise, and with low viewership numbers, HBO must bet heavily on Elgort's series attracting new audiences in possible future seasons. Some fans blame the network itself for the low ratings because of poor marketing of the series.

Fans are demanding the renewal of 'Tokyo Vice' for the second season, arguing that the memoir on which the series is based contains more than enough material for further adaptation.

Let's hope HBO Max won't do 'Our Flag Means Death ' on this show, because fans are really ready for a riot at this point.