Time to Move On From Outlander: These 10 Historical Mini-Series Are Better

Time to Move On From Outlander: These 10 Historical Mini-Series Are Better
Image credit: Netflix

Bridgerton is not on this list – that would be just too obvious.

School history lessons often skipped the juicy bits of world history, but fortunately, the entertainment industry loves to surprise us. Here are ten must-watch historical dramas for any fan of the genre, all binge-watchable and ready to fill the void Droughtlander left in us.

Visual allure is undeniable in popular series like Outlander and Bridgerton, where the opulence of lavish sets and meticulously crafted period costumes often outweigh practicality.

Creators of historical dramas vary in their approach to authenticity. Some prioritize high realism, enhancing the credibility of narratives, even in fantastical series involving time travel like Outlander.

Others believe in the importance of entertainment value over strict historical accuracy, arguing that dramatic embellishments are essential for engaging storytelling. In this view, historical accuracy serves more as a framework for timeless human stories.

However, even those series that boast of being based on real events do not always stick faithfully to historical facts. There is always an element of creative interpretation, but this does not necessarily detract from their worth, fascination, or the inspiration they offer. One cannot help but admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the costume designers who bring these eras to life so vividly.