This New 91% Rotten Tomatoes Crime Drama Is Your Best Choice On Apple TV+

This New 91% Rotten Tomatoes Crime Drama Is Your Best Choice On Apple TV+
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Worthy British drama to check out.


  • Criminal Record is the new series revolving around two detectives with a big age gap.
  • The slow paced crime drama unfolds the difficulties of working in the police industry.
  • The fans of the show are taken away by the brilliant performance of Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo.

There are many police dramas out there, but not all of them are actually captivating and keep you glued to the screen. Most of the shows with a typical crime drama premise are predictable and are mostly watched by the audience for the sake of using something as background noise.

However, the newest Apple TV+ series Criminal Record is something that you shouldn't miss out even if you don’t consider yourself to be a huge fan of shows of that genre. And now we’ll tell you why you have to watch this series.

Despite the fact that the show was only released on January 10 this year, it already has a 91% Rotten Tomatoes score, and that should be enough for you to believe it’s something worthy.

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Now about the show. The British crime thriller created by Paul Rutman centers on two detectives who are forced to work together as a team in order to solve the old mystery that came to surface after they got an anonymous call.

The two of them are similarly brilliant, but yet absolutely different. DCI Daniel Hegarty, an old veteran, and June Lenker, young and passionate rookie officer. The roles are played by Peter Capaldi and Cush Jumbo, and the fans couldn’t be happier to see those two excellent actors starring together.

“I'll watch anything with Cush Jumbo, she's an amazing actress. After seeing the first two episodes, I'm hooked,” Redditor elisart said.

Unlike many other crime dramas, in Criminal Record everything happens for a reason, as the writers put enough time and effort into every scene that happens on screen.

For many viewers, this kind of slow-paced show would be annoying, as they are already used to everything happening at once. But for those who appreciate the British approach, this crime drama is a treasure.

“I’m enjoying it so far. I think the acting is great and the pacing is keeping my interest. It seems to be heading in an obvious direction but I’m not minding it yet - it’ll be interesting how all the pieces come together or if there is a twist,” Redditor MuscleOriginal7353 said.

Don’t miss Criminal Record on Apple TV+.