This Movie Might Become a Lifesaver For MCU, According To David Harbour

This Movie Might Become a Lifesaver For MCU, According To David Harbour
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Who needs Avengers when you got a gang of charismatic baddies, right?

It had been already confirmed before that Hellboy's and Stranger Things ' star David Harbour will return to his role as Red Guardian in the developing MCU movie Thunderbolts after making his debut in 2021's Black Widow.

In a recent interview to Entertainment Tonight Harbour confirmed that he read the script and "it's really good" said Harbour.

"The way the movie comes together is very different than any other Marvel movie I've seen," the actor pointed out.

If you are wondering who Thunderbolts are, let us break it down for you in a way that's easy to understand. You know The Suicide Squad, right?

Well, the Thunderbolts are kind of like Marvel's version of them. They're a group of baddies, or at least not-so-good guys, who've been brought together by some outside forces who want to try and make them do good things.

The supposed lineup for the Thunderbolts will include Bucky Barnes (or as we know him, Winter Soldier), Ghost (from Ant-Man and the Wasp), Red Guardian, Yelena Belova, US Agent, Taskmaster and Valentina de Fontaine.

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But there's still no word on whether Baron Zemo portrayed by Daniel Brühl is going to be involved.

Now, in the comics, Baron Zemo has been known to lead the Thunderbolts from time to time, so when he made his comeback in Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it got people thinking.

He's got history with Bucky, so maybe he's not part of the team per se, but rather their fearless leader. We'll just have to wait and see!

David Harbour's interview has left fans with a positive impression of the movie. That's exactly what Marvel Cinematic Universe is lacking nowadays — unique projects unlike the same kind of movies we've seen throughout all these years.

Another fact that makes fans feel enthusiastic about the movie is that it will be directed by Jake Schreier, one of the directors of Netflix 's Beef which received favorable reviews from viewers.

Although some fans may be losing faith in the MCU as each new movie comes out, we remain optimistic that a talented cast and a unique direction will ultimately lead to an exceptional and unconventional film.

Source: Entertainment Tonight (Twitter)