This Iconic Parks And Recreation Line Was Improvised On Set

This Iconic Parks And Recreation Line Was Improvised On Set
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Chris Pratt should try stand-up comedy, fans think.

You don't have to prove Chris Pratt 's talent to anyone. Whether you know him from Jurassic Park, Guardians Of The Galaxy, or the iconic sitcom Parks And Recreation, you know how easily this actor slips into whatever role he's playing.

But his commitment to character is not the only great thing about his acting: Pratt is also known to be a great improviser.

In one of the episodes, Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, comes down with the flu but refuses to go home.

That's when Chris Pratt's character, Andy Dwyer, comes in to help her by typing her symptoms into a computer: "Leslie, I typed your symptoms into this thing up here, and it says you might have network connectivity problems.

Viewers agree that the funniest part of the scene was not only the joke itself but the look of genuine concern on Pratt's face as he delivered a line.

Later, during a panel at the Paley Center for Media where the cast answered questions from fans, it was revealed that the line had been improvised by Chris Pratt.

Considering Amy Poehler's answer about how few of the cast's jokes actually make it to the final cut, Pratt's performance becomes even more impressive.

"The funniest line that's ever spoken in our show was improvised by Chris Pratt. As a writer, it made me furious. I'm still very upset and angry. He did it once, and a camera just happened to be on him," co-creator of the series Michael Schur once shared.

Whether or not you consider this particular line to be the funniest in the show, you can deny how much talent it takes to come up with such jokes on the spot.

Although there were not that many improvised moments that made it to the episodes, each cast member had their moments.

You can try to catch them all in the series yourself, by rewatching Parks And Recreation on Peacock or fuboTV.