This Horrific The Handmaid's Tale Storyline Has Fans Boiling On Every Rewatch 

This Horrific The Handmaid's Tale Storyline Has Fans Boiling On Every Rewatch 
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There was a lot going on in Gilead, but this character deserved better than what she got.

The Handmaid's Tale is a disturbing dystopian series that follows the fall of the USA and the rise of totalitarian Gilead. The new country is a terrifying place where its citizens live almost as slaves of various kinds. There are Aunts, Marthas, Handmaids, and they all serve different purposes.

The central story revolves around June Osborne, known in the world of Gilead as Offred, because she was the handmaid of Commander Fred and his wife Serena. The premise of the show was that the Handmaids would fight back against the system and tear down Gilead. In fact, that was the dream. In reality, they just wanted to escape and have a normal life again.

There were a lot of supporting characters at the center of the story whose plots were just as important as Junes'. Although the handmaids wore the same clothes and had the same unbearable lives, they all suffered differently. One of the characters with the most dramatic storyline was Emily.

Many horrible things happened to her in Gilead, but the most awful was her mutilation. It's actually one of the things that even the most hardened fans can't stand to see. Alexis Bledel portrayed Emily brilliantly and made us care about her character.

In season 2, Emily was given the chance to escape Gilead and reunite with her family. She had a wife and son in Canada who were waiting for her to come back and she finally made it.

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Of course, Gilead changes the minds of once sane people for the worse, and it can be difficult for them to return to normal society. In fact, that is what happened to Emily. In seasons 3 and 4, we witness her resistance and inability to adjust to a free society. Even though she went back to work and tried to live a normal life, the horrors of Gilead continued to haunt her.

So when she suddenly disappeared from Canada at the end of Season 4 after helping June kill Fred, and it was explained that Emily had gone back to Gilead, it made a little sense in a way.

However, prior to that, fans have found out that the actress, Alexis Bledel, decided to quit the show. So they knew that Emily would be written off, but they still didn’t expect her departure to be that dramatic.

“I wish instead of going back to Gilead, her character stayed but doesn’t see June anymore after what happened with Fred. That moment could have made her realize that she did not want to become who Gilead made her. She is the only character that had the opportunity to be with her whole family and I hate that it was taken from,” Redditor mannyssong said.

The Handmaid's Tale season 6 is expected to come out on Hulu in 2024.