This GoT Actor Couldn't Stand Show's Intense Fan Base: "Get a F—ing Life"

This GoT Actor Couldn't Stand Show's Intense Fan Base:
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Game of Thrones was epic, and at one stage, it seemed as if the show could do no wrong. The final season (and in particular the final episode) was globally panned following its release. Because the global audience was vocal about all things GoT – good and bad.

This was particularly evident when Ian McShane appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about his upcoming appearance in season 6. McShane clearly had no idea just how seriously some fans took the show. And, as we were soon to discover, he didn't much care either.

He first appeared as Brother Ray in episode 7th of the series. Unlike most characters in the show, Brother Ray was a pacifist. Although he had once been a violent mercenary.

During the interview, McShane described his character as "an ex-warrior who's become a peacenik". But he went on to say he was bringing back "a much-loved character who everybody thinks is dead". And this comment was not well received.

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Rumours had already begun that The Hound was due to make a return and forums were full of discussion and opinion on the matter. Many fans took McShane's words as confirmation for this and felt that the actor had said too much and revealed an upcoming plot twist.

Now, plot twists were kind of a big thing throughout Game of Thrones, and it's understandable that those deeply invested in the show didn't want to hear spoilers. Rumours, go for it. Debates, no problem. But actors leaking storylines, no thanks.

Ultimately, the rumours proved true, The Hound returned to the show, and fans were in uproar.

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So, you'd think maybe McShane would have apologised. Or at least taken part in another interview in which he made it clear that he had no intention of revealing details of the plot or upsetting fans of the show.

Not quite. In fact, McShane further enraged fans when he next spoke on the issue.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said fans should just "get a f---ing life", saying "the show is huge, but some fans seem to identify with it [too closely]. You want to say, 'Have you thought about your lifestyle? Maybe you should get out a little more.'"