This Creepy Flick on Prime Video Is a Must-Watch for Every Silent Hill Fan

This Creepy Flick on Prime Video Is a Must-Watch for Every Silent Hill Fan
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This is one of the most unusual horror movies of the last few years that didn't get the attention it deserved.

We see a frightening and boundless landscape of Purgatory and then Hell, where the dead are wandering, with all kinds of sins that will lie like a stone on the scales of the Great Judgement. The journey through the tortures of the afterlife begins on a deserted road, where two travelers must find out: are they alive or not, and if not, where will they go after death?

Sounds intriguing, right? This is the French horror film Pandemonium, released in 2023.

What Is Pandemonium About?

​​Nathan and Daniel get into a serious car accident on a foggy mountain road. The motorcycle and car are wrecked on the side of the road. Nathan and Daniel are reluctant to admit that they are actually dead. It begins to snow, and two doors appear on the road: one leading to heaven, the other to hell.

Pandemonium can be called the most unusual horror film of the last few years. Formally, the action is a trilogy of plots related to the afterlife, but the film begins with a dialogue between strangers on the road after the accident. Gradually, the geography of the tragedy expands, and the narrative takes the viewer straight to hell.

Pandemonium Is Loosely Reminiscent of Silent Hill

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Hardcore fans will see in the synopsis of Pandemonium that the plot resembles Silent Hill, and not only the movies, but also the original games. Even the poster is reminiscent of the 2000s' biggest horror project. In Pandemonium, when the characters realize they are dead, they not only have to answer for their sins and meet other tormented souls in Purgatory, but also have to find a way out to avoid eternal torture.

The movie by French director Quarxx is rather slow and far from standard genre techniques. Perhaps that is why it is almost impossible to get the movie out of your head after watching it: terrifying images of otherworldly torment go hand in hand with uncomfortable questions about good, evil and love, which unfortunately does not always win.

Pandemonium is an extremely uncomfortable and frighteningly beautiful horror film that will appeal to those who prefer slow-burners that suck you into a funnel of horror rather than splashes of blood, severed limbs and unplanned encounters with maniacs.