This 90s Family Sitcom Is The Best Thing You’re Not Watching on Hulu

This 90s Family Sitcom Is The Best Thing You’re Not Watching on Hulu
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It’s Tool Time!


  • Home Improvement is a beloved 90’s sitcom that didn’t get enough credit.
  • At the center of the story there’s a family of Taylors, maintaining their everyday lives.
  • Despite the fact that it was released in 1991, the fans feel like the show aged well.

How many of you can name family-friendly sitcoms right now? Well, the only one that comes to mind is Modern Family, because it's obvious and has the word family in the title. But can you think of any more?

If not, we are here to help and remind you of one of the funniest sitcoms of the 90s, Home Improvement. The show first aired on ABC in September 1991 and lasted for 8 seasons and got 204 episodes.

The show was a huge hit with viewers back then, but newer generations seem to know nothing about it.

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The episodes were only 30 minutes long, but in this short time the writers managed to pack each episode with several stories and many jokes. At the center of the series is the family of Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, brilliantly portrayed by Tim Allen.

Why The Tool, you may ask? Well, the thing is that Tim is a salesman and a TV host. Each episode of the show has Tim's own Binford-sponsored home improvement show, called Tool Time.

The man just loves everything about cars, tools, toys, garages, whatever, and he is a perfect handyman himself, however it’s his unique inventions that often cause troubles…

Tim and his caring wife Jil have three sons: Brad, Randy and Mark. And boy they are a handful, always getting in every sorts of troubles. The show also introduces us to Tim’s best friend and co-host Al Borland, and the eccentric neighbor Wilson.

Many fans claim that the show is perfect for the viewers of any age.

“Watched it as a kid and related well to the kids. Started watching it again in the last year and relate much more to the parents now. Great family sitcom though. Haven’t really noticed much that didn’t age well other than the usual technology things,” Redditor TyHay822 said.

Well, if you feel like giving the legendary show a try, all seasons of Home Improvement are available to stream on Hulu.