This 83% Rotten Tomatoes Miniseries is Everything You Want in a Period Drama

This 83% Rotten Tomatoes Miniseries is Everything You Want in a Period Drama
Image credit: ITV1

Another look at the Windrush generation scandal.


  • Three Little Birds tells a story of two sisters and their friend facing racism in 1950’s England.
  • At the center of this British series is a story about African women, who left for the UK from Jamaica.
  • The show is available to stream on Prime.

Period dramas made their way into people’s lives in a very unexpected way. The magic of shows like Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, The Gilded Age and many others is probably in the fact that they mix all the fancy stuff about the given period of time with the real history, turning the series into something extraordinary and unique.

While it’s obvious that these historical shows are not 100% accurate, they still give us a glimpse on the important events of the past, even if they are just used as a background setting.

True fans of the genre who are already sick and tired of Bridgerton and The Gilded Age may be interested in a British show called Three Little Birds, which premiered on 22 October 2023 on ITV1.

The series has 6 episodes and is loosely based on the writer’s, Sir Lenny Henry’s, mother’s own life experience, as it tells the story of three African women facing harsh life in the UK.

The woman arrived there from Jamaica as part of the Windrush generation in 1957 and needless to say the experience wasn’t easy.

At the center of the series there are three women: sisters Leah and Chantrelle, and their friend Hosanna. On a steamboat from Saint Ann Parish, they left Jamaica to start a new life in England.

All the harsh realities these women face when they arrive in the country almost break their spirits, but with the few people who support them, they manage to survive it all.

The thing is, they had only been told about the good things happening there, so to see a country that so desperately wants to kick them out as soon as they land was not something they expected. The viewers enjoyed the show and claim that this hidden gem should be seen by many more people.

“The story line & characters are better than any slick new show with cookie cutter amnesia faced actors. Set in post-WWI England- a must watch regarding xenophobia and how damaging it is to the success of a society,” Redditor plnnyOfallOFit said.

Ready for some niche period drama experience? Stream Three Little Birds on Prime.