This 8% Rated Superhero Flop Makes Madame Web Look Like a Masterpiece

This 8% Rated Superhero Flop Makes Madame Web Look Like a Masterpiece
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Many people have called the latest installment in Sony's Spider-Man Universe the worst superhero movie ever made, but it could be worse.

Sony's attempt to launch an entirely new cinematic universe centered around characters closely related to Spider-Man, without the actual web-slinger himself in the picture, looked like a very questionable idea from the start.

While the first film, 2018's Venom, was pretty decent, each new installment in the franchise turned out to be worse than the previous one, culminating in 2024's Madame Web, which many people called "the worst superhero movie ever."

The Movie Failed in Almost Every Aspect

Critics absolutely panned the film, resulting in an embarrassing 12% score on Rotten Tomatoes, and while audiences were a bit warmer to Madame Web, giving it a 57% rating, that didn't make the movie any better.

With a dreadful story, terrible dialogue, awful special effects and action scenes, the movie wasn't even remotely entertaining and was just completely dull and boring, even though the cast did a good job with the material they had.

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However, despite all its absolutely massive flaws, Madame Web still doesn't deserve to be called the worst movie of the genre, because compared to a certain movie from 2004, it looks like a great masterpiece.

It Is Actually Possible to Be Worse Than Madame Web

Catwoman, directed by a French visual effects supervisor known as Pitof, was similar to Madame Web in several ways.

It also revolved around a female character, starred some pretty talented actresses, Halle Berry and Sharon Stone (who still somehow delivered bland performances), and was based on a character related to Batman without featuring the Caped Crusader himself.

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However, it was extremely loose with the comic book source material, as instead of following Selina Kyle, the movie revolved around Patience Phillips, played by Halle Berry, who was given supernatural cat-like powers after a near-death experience.

This set her on a path of revenge against the evil cosmetics company (yes, really) run by Laurel Hedare, portrayed by Sharon Stone, whose skin has become unbreakable due to prolonged use of their product.

The story was just indescribably dumb and boring, filled with cringe-worthy dialogue and only a few badly shot action scenes, resulting in the film being panned by critics and fans alike and becoming a dark spot in Halle Berry's career.

Even two decades later, the public's opinion of this trash of a movie hasn't changed, and it still holds a shameful 8% critical rating and 18% audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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