This 2023 Thrilling Drama Is Your Next Must-Watch on Netflix if You Liked Scoop

This 2023 Thrilling Drama Is Your Next Must-Watch on Netflix if You Liked Scoop
Image credit: Netflix, Vertical

Journalistic drama is back again after a brief hiatus.

Netflix keeps sticking to its long-standing tradition of dropping more and more new (or not so new) flicks and shows every week replenishing its immense collection, and one of the recent arrivals seems to have joined the streaming’s hit movie of this year on the list of journalism-related dramas.

Released back in January, the thriller Cold Copy, starring The Morning Show’s actress Bel Powley, has been available on Netflix for a while now, coming as a perfect fit for those who previously enjoyed the Gillian Anderson-led drama Scoop.

What Is Cold Copy About?

Roxine Helberg’s directorial debut, Cold Copy follows ambitious journalism student Mia Scott as she goes for The Night Report’s host and ruthless interviewer Diane Heger trying to talk the latter into having a segment aired on her show. Seeing Heger remain indifferent, Mia adopts tougher methods when she starts twisting the story in a way that would potentially earn her the proclaimed reporter’s attention.

Upon its premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, Cold Copy got its theatrical release only in select theaters and then simultaneously went out in digital format. Despite its compelling storyline that does appear to be something modern viewers are ready to grasp at once, the movie didn’t really impress critics and viewers when it first came out.

The former lamented the film’s poor writing that even such strong leads like Bel Powley and Tracee Ellis Ross couldn’t handle, with some of them also noting that the whole plot is nothing intriguing compared to other journalism stories that were never that lucky to be brought to the screen.

To-date, Cold Copy holds average scores of 35% and 50% from professionals and the audience on Rotten Tomatoes, but things may soon change now that the film has been much easier to stream for Netflix subscribers since June 1.