These Five Nights at Freddy’s Overlooked Storylines Will Make the Franchise Even Better

These Five Nights at Freddy’s Overlooked Storylines Will Make the Franchise Even Better
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A simple idea of sticking to the original source has never worked out better.


  • With all the raving success that the video game-based movies and shows have had recently, Five Nights at Freddy’s creators didn’t hesitate too long to come up with an idea for a sequel. But some of the original game franchise’s aspects may guarantee the future movie even more of an acclaim.
  • Starring Josh Hutcherson, Five Nights at Freddy’s sticks to the video game plot and follows a young security guard who sees creepy events unfold at his new workplace.
  • So far nothing has been confirmed about the upcoming sequel, yet fans still cherish a hope that the future movie will feature some major video game storylines that were completely ignored in the first film.

We’re currently in the era of movies and shows adapted from fan-favorite and long-standing video games, and so many fans are here for it. From last year’s big hit The Last of Us starring Pedro Pascal to the most recent Prime Video ’s bombshell Fallout, the video game world is currently taking over the modern cinema with never-ending ideas for sequels and following seasons.

Last year was also marked by Five Nights at Freddy’s, another major release based on a popular game franchise, and the overall success was so grand that a sequel didn’t take too long to be announced.

While there’s still nothing to know for sure about the upcoming second film, the nascent franchise still needs to keep in mind some major aspects of the original game to stay afloat on the same level of thriving in the future.

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Starring The Hunger Games ’ Josh Hutcherson, You’s Elizabeth Lail and Scooby-Doo’s Matthew Lillard, Five Nights at Freddy’s follows young security guard Mike who, in an attempt to keep the custody of his younger sister, takes up a job at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza where some creepy events that happened years before start resurfacing while Mike is trying to deal with a past trauma.

Though nothing about the sequel’s plot has been revealed yet, one specific detail seems to be already confirmed. The original movie’s producer Jason Blum has recently revealed in his social media that Jim Henson’s Creature Shop will be back on set to create more animatronics for the upcoming film.

While it’s still possible that the animatronics will be featured in some past-related moments like flashbacks, it would be a whole new level of excitement for the video game fans to rather see more toy-looking characters thus making the movie more realistic when it comes to the original game franchise.

The sequel would, to the fans’ rejoice, go even further with introducing the video game’s major character that was completely overlooked in the first film. Despite the fact that he’s never even seen in the game franchise itself, Henry Emily is yet a very common name to appear throughout the whole storyline.

Henry’s daughter Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Emily was killed by his former best friend and business partner William Afton, who in the movie appears to be Mike's career counselor.

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Henry’s appearance or at least mention in the upcoming sequel would continue the video game’s pivotal line about the character’s animatronics called The Puppet invented by himself to protect his daughter; while the toy’s main goal obviously failed, it embarks on a hunt for Afton calling for justice for his dead victims.

The movie’s creative team thus may get their trump card by enlarging the plot and introducing a new storyline that would definitely change it all.