The Walking Dead Fans Depressed Over a New Hilariously Bad Adaptation of the Show

The Walking Dead Fans Depressed Over a New Hilariously Bad Adaptation of the Show
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Why can't someone make a Walking Dead game that's not super low budget?


  • The Walking Dead: Destinies, a game allowing players to rewrite the series' story, has stirred controversy due to its poor quality.
  • Despite a promising concept, the game suffers from bugs, glitches, and subpar production values.
  • The game's poor execution led to ridicule and disappointment among fans.

Something has stirred up The Walking Dead community lately. It is the controversy about the latest game based on the beloved series. The game’s reception among the fans of the show is a mix of disbelief, laughter, and a touch of sadness.

The Walking Dead: Destinies Had a Promising Concept Gone Awry

The Walking Dead: Destinies, a game developed by AMC and GameMill, had a captivating premise. It promised players the chance to rewrite the story of the iconic TV series. Imagine stepping into the shoes of Rick Grimes or other beloved characters, making decisions that could alter the show's history.

The game spans the first four seasons, allowing players to explore familiar locations like Woodbury, Atlanta, and Hershel’s farm.

The Walking Dead: Destinies’ Execution Falls Short

Despite the exciting concept, the game's execution was underwhelming. Launched on November 17 in a digital format, Destinies faced criticism for its subpar quality.

Issues included bugs, glitches, and production values far below what one would expect from a franchise as successful as The Walking Dead.

The cutscenes were described as static, with lackluster voiceovers and stiff dialogue. The animations were awkward, and key characters like Andrea and Amy were missing, despite their significance in the game's covered story arcs.

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Fans Are Feeling Betrayed Over Game’s Treatment of TWD Legacy

Some fans on Reddit pointed out that the game feels like it was crafted by developers more accustomed to mobile games, not a full-fledged console experience.

This observation isn't meant to throw shade at mobile games, but let's be real: we expect a certain level of quality and immersion from a game based on such an iconic series.

The reactions ranged from outright laughter to calls for a Grammy for the voice actors who somehow managed to lend their talents to this project. Everything seems to be executed badly in the game, except for the concept.

Some gaming websites are even convinced that The Walking Dead: Destinies is a strong contender for the worst game of the year.

Source: Reddit