The Wait For Stranger Things 5 Will Be Excruciatingly Long

The Wait For Stranger Things 5 Will Be Excruciatingly Long
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On the other hand, there'll be plenty of time to come up with a nice anti-Vecna playlist...

If you hoped for a quick release of the long-anticipated final chapter of Stranger Things, we got some bad news for you.

It looks like the fifth and final season of the Netflix horror hit will not hit small screens before 2024.

At least that's what Collider's Steven Weintraub believes as he shared with his Twitter followers that Stranger Things 5 filming is set to begin in Atlanta next year.

"[This] means the earliest it's on [Netflix] is 2024," he tweeted, adding that since "entire VFX industry is behind on everything" there is "no chance of rushing the effects".

However, while many fans have already started mentally preparing themselves for an excruciatingly long wait, some people are surprisingly okay with it. According to them, if the quality of the final season matches that of season 4, then two years is just fine.

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But naturally, fans are divided between craving more Stranger Things content right here, right now and trying to wrap their heads around the fact that the Netflix hit will be over after the fifth season. If you think about it like that, isn't 2024 too soon even?

Still, there is a belief that, contrary to Weintraub's report, some parts of season 5 are already finished.

Little is known about season 5 from the official sources. The writers have confirmed that the creative process is already underway, and it is official that the title of the first episode is The Crawl – something that has already sparked a slew of fan theories.

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But in order to know more, fans will have to be patient and wait. After all, it's always nice to know that there is a whole new season of Stranger Things ahead, isn't it?