The Underlying Message of SNSD's Funny Password Story is Deep and Sad

The Underlying Message of SNSD's Funny Password Story is Deep and Sad
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Nothing shows affection more than these little details.

Girls Generation, or SNSD, is a 2nd generation K-pop girl group from SM Entertainment. SNSD are called "a living history": eight girls with their hit songs and unique personalities literally influenced a whole generation. It seems like they lasted so long because of their mutual friendship and care, despite mostly having only solo schedules nowadays and not seeing each other for a long time.

Recently, the Girls' Generation members have gathered together on a show 'Game Caterer 2' to celebrate their 15th anniversary and promote a new group comeback, first in 5 years. They played games and shared many stories from their debut till recent days.

One of the phrases caught fans' attention the most. SNSD's members were playing a game called 'Strength and Weaknesses' where you have to quickly come up with your own strength or weakness when targeted by another member. One of the members, Tiffany, suddenly hesitated to give an answer and, losing a game, admitted that she wanted to say that sometimes she was being depressed.

Another member, Sooyoung, was fast on lighting up the mood and shared the following story: one day TIffany texted her that she was sad because something happened, but then Sooyoung couldn't get a hold of her. Getting worried, the girl drove to Tiffany's house only to find her soundly sleeping and not answering her messages. Then Sooyoung immediately directed her attention to another member Hyoyeon, bringing up another time when she rushed to a member's house the day when some problem happened to Hyoyeon as well and she couldn't reach out to her. The door of her apartment was locked, and it could be a reason to worry, yet turns out Hyoyeon was simply in the shower, once again making Sooyoung race through the city for no reason.

SNSD's members laughed but they were also surprised to learn that Sooyoung somehow knew everyone's home passwords. Despite hearing a seemingly funny and sweet story, fans are worried that there's a deeper, more sorrowful implication to it.

One could question the reasons why Sooyoung felt such a pressing need to learn the door passwords of everyone in her team and rush over to them at the slightest signs that they were upset or struggling with something in their lives.

There is a good chance that past tragic events that happened during Girls Generation's career affected some if not all of the members.

Some of the fans were reminded of heartbreaking times when SNSD's fellow friends and colleagues were victims to the unforgiving and harsh K-pop industry. Two artists from SM Entertainment, Jonghyun and Sulli, have decided to end their lives in 2017 and 2019 years respectively, unable to bear any longer. Their passing has most likely left an unforgettable mark on many artists and fans and revealed an ugly and cruel reality of K-pop idols' difficult lives.

However, some of SNSD's fans claim that girls were always attentive to each other's mental stability.

"I think it might have been a thing even before Sulli and Jonghyun passed. I can't remember the exact interview since the members often joke about Taeyeon never going out and just staying in her room, but I remember Yoona saying she had rushed to the dorm and gotten really scared one time when nobody was answering. It was also passed off as a joke ("then she came out of her room like a ghost" or something like that,) but I always thought about the sad implication behind that." – /suitsffs

The artists' had a lot of fun playfully attacking each other and revealing each other's strengths and weaknesses in the game. On the same show, Sunny touched everyone's hearts when Girls Generation's members recalled a story how she used to cook tasty food for her group mates who were starving back in the days.

Despite Sooyoung having a bold and savage attitude, fans were able to see her soft side, taking care of the members. They admired her personality and also shared that once Sooyoung would fly to a whole different country to check on her friend's well-being. SNSD's members themselves admitted that because of Sooyoung's habit of checking on girls in times of distress, they can all rely on her and they trust her a lot. We'd all love to have a friend like that, wouldn't we?

With a tight bond like that and a confidence that all of them will immediately rush to help each other whenever needed, no wonder that Girls Generation lasted for 15 years.