'The Umbrella Academy': Tom Hopper Teases Luther's Future in Season 3

'The Umbrella Academy': Tom Hopper Teases Luther's Future in Season 3
Image credit: Legion-Media

Looks like someone's in the mood for a big change.

With 'The Umbrella Academy ' to return with season 3 and introduce a whole new timeline, Tom Hopper 's Luther seems to be on a journey to let go of his past demons and explore new limits.

According to the actor, Luther was "more fun" to play this season. In terms of 'The Umbrella Academy', this could mean pretty much anything: from Luther getting a new hobby to going crazy and deciding that it's time for him to kick-start an apocalypse and not Viktor.

"Luther lets go of a lot of his hang-ups," Hopper explained at the cast's panel at Netflix Geeked. "I feel like this year he gets to play out his missed teenage years a little bit.

Luther, just like his siblings, did not enjoy a very happy childhood in the Umbrella Academy, with an eccentric billionaire Reginald Hargreeves trying to raise a family of superheroes. Luther, for his part, ended up being genetically modified in order to survive one of his missions; his upper body looks more like that of a werewolf.

Besides, Reginald sent him to the Moon on what Luther believed was an important mission. In fact, it turned out to be nothing but a make-believe urgent matter: his father never even unsealed the packages Luther would send him from the Moon.

It seems that season 3 might become a turning point for the character, with him letting go of his traumas and finally embracing who he is. However, it might as well ruin him completely, because 'The Umbrella Academy' has been anything but predictable.

We'll get to know more when season 3 premieres on Netflix on June 22.