'The Sandman' Fans Blast Netflix For Lack of Promo, Fearing It Might Hurt the Show

'The Sandman' Fans Blast Netflix For Lack of Promo, Fearing It Might Hurt the Show
Image credit: Legion-Media

This marketing campaign has been a nightmare if you ask fans.

With the long-anticipated adaptation of Neil Gaiman 's iconic graphic novel 'The Sandman ' finally arriving on Friday, it seems that even the most faithful fans could have easily… forgotten about it.

This is not due to people's sudden disenchantment with 'The Sandman' but rather because of Netflix 's frivolous and occasional marketing that doesn't seem to be too committed to promoting the new show properly.

According to fans who miraculously remember about the Friday premiere, Netflix did a bad job at reminding them. They learned about the premiere from social media, not from Netflix's own front page, which did not seem to even remotely hint at the Friday release of 'The Sandman'.

Moreover, many fans also complained they faced problems with the pre-release screeners that took place a day before the official premiere for the lucky ones.

"Honestly what's the deal with Netflix promo… they don't send out screeners for Sandman and then they don't send out the link for the premiere?" – @OfTheDirewolves

This is not the first time when Netflix is blasted for its questionable marketing, especially when it comes to the shows that are, well, not 'Stranger Things '. According to fans, the platform could have put more effort into pushing forward its original production. For instance, similar grievances were voiced by 'The Umbrella Academy ' fans when the show's season 3 premiere didn't seem to enjoy a marketing campaign remotely close to what 'Stranger Things' received.

When it comes to 'The Sandman', many are already hailing the show as Netflix's potential next big thing – unless Neil Gaiman's comics adaptation isn't ruined by the lack of proper marketing.

'The Sandman' is currently streaming on Netflix, telling a story of Morpheus – the immortal Master of Dreams who is on a mission to retrieve his helm back after he breaks free from his imprisonment.