The Only Law & Order Spinoff Fans Would’ve Cared About

The Only Law & Order Spinoff Fans Would’ve Cared About
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NBC, make it real!


  • Law & Order is an NBC franchise of procedural dramas united by the same original show.
  • While fans are losing interest in the current series, many feel that the franchise won't last much longer.
  • One idea that viewers have, however, is to take the Yellowstone approach to spin-offs and vary them in time periods.

In the age of reboots, remakes and revivals, fans of the show would rather have a well-executed spinoff than see their favorite medium ruined by yet another iteration. For NBC's Law & Order universe, however, neither plan seems to be working at the moment.

The revived original series is not doing well from the start of the reboot. People don't feel connected to the main characters and don't seem to be invested in any of the cases, which doesn't bode well for ratings. Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, now in its 25th season, doesn't fare much better.

With only the relatively new Law & Order: Organized Crime remains exciting and takes viewers deeper into the never-ending world of Elliot Stabler's trauma, only one question remains.

Is there a chance for the Law & Order franchise to survive, or will Dick Wolf's most famous work finally come to an end?

Law & Order New Spinoff

Given the state of the broadcast networks' business in the wake of the prolonged WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes that took place in 2023, it's highly unlikely that an NBC would even order another Law & Order spinoff. While the network loves a good franchise, it wouldn't be wise to put all its eggs in one basket right now.

Budgeting issues aside, however, fans believe that there is only one version of Law & Order that they want to see. Following the example of Taylor Sheridan 's Yellowstone, viewers believe the show should expand the universe by going back in time and exploring how the same teams worked in the 70s.

Law & Order: 1975 is courtesy of Redditor ImAFriendlyGuy, who shared his idea with the rest of the fans on the r/LawAndOrder subreddit.

Although the fan was immediately reminded of how much such a production would cost, there is no denying that the premise sounds very intriguing:

“No social media, gritty old New York, stories ripped from past headlines. Every year advance the in-show calendar by one year. Cover landmark cases,” he suggested.

Since the original Law & Order series started back in the 1990s, such a format would give the network at least 15 more seasons of the show with the ability to loop it with the pilot.

As impossible as that sounds, the proposal clearly shows the standards that viewers hold the show to. And if it can't meet them, maybe it's time to say goodbye.

If the power of habit doesn’t let you tune off Law & Order, you can catch up the newest episodes every Thursday on NBC. Make sure to keep an eye out to not miss any news and behind-the-scenes updates.

Source: Reddit