The Only Autograph Keanu Reeves Ever Asked For Left Him Sad in the End

The Only Autograph Keanu Reeves Ever Asked For Left Him Sad in the End
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It was just this once that Keanu Reeves asked someone for an autograph, and that autograph dropped an F-you on the actor…but that wasn’t even the main problem.

Keanu Reeves is one of the very few people that have maintained two honorary titles throughout the years — those of the legendary actor and the Internet’s sweetheart. Everyone loves Keanu, and Keanu loves everyone back. Not even his tough life or his fame ever prevented this wonderful man from remaining kind and considerate.

This is why when something upsets Keanu Reeves, it automatically upsets pretty much everyone who gets to learn about it. People don’t want to see their favorite actor sad, but unfortunately, his life used to be plagued with grief and losses. Even the smallest things are enough to make fans angry at whoever upset Keanu Reeves.

Recently, the actor shared a story that left him disappointed — that of the only autograph he’d ever asked for in his entire life. After Stephen Colbert asked Keanu about it, he shared how he’d basically tricked himself into believing that he received a very special and personal autograph…which turned out to not be the case at all.

The person whose autograph Reeves wanted to receive was none other than George Carlin, and the famous actor and comedian provided. His autograph contained a funny foul-language note to Keanu, and that made the John Wick star happy — at least, for as long as he believed that it was aimed at him personally.

"It was really funny because George Carlin, he wrote ‘Dear Keanu, f*ck you.’ And I always thought he wrote that for me, and I met someone else who said that he wrote the same thing to them," shared Reeves during his The Late Show appearance.

It was obvious that even though Keanu was initially disappointed that George Carlin’s F-you wasn’t his very own achievement, he took the situation with a good bit of humor. After all, as the comedian’s fan, Reeves had to realize that signing his autographs with personal F-you’s to his fans was pretty much the most Carlin thing ever.

Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert