The Main Reason Why Edward Didn’t Date Anyone Before Bella, According to Fans

The Main Reason Why Edward Didn’t Date Anyone Before Bella, According to Fans
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Is it really that hard to find a soulmate?

There are still many questions about the Twilight saga that continue to haunt the fandom, even though the first movie was released almost 15 years ago. However, it seems that fans just can't stop obsessing over the smallest details.

For example, Reddit users recently started a thread discussing Edward's personal life. But here's a fascinating twist: what they were really interested in was Edward's life before Bella.

The movie gives us a lot of hints that he wasn't much of a Casanova before he met Bella. "I may have stolen a kiss or two," he told her. But it's never said who the lucky girls were. Were they human? Or vampires? It's unclear, and we may never find out.

The first thing we heard about Edward in the movie was Jessica's words about how no one was ever good enough for him. With that in mind, we gather that he never dated anyone during his time in Forks. And the reason for that, fans think, wasn't quite what Jessica thought, but Edward’s ability to read minds.

“From a psychological standpoint, I don’t think dating works when you know everything they think. It would be a major buzz kill, plus he can’t exactly turn that ability off. I think it would lead to major arguments that would lead to the relationship ending sooner than later. That would seriously make a relationship basically impossible,” Redditor stalkerofthedead said.

So basically this means that Bella is realistically the only person he could really be with because no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get into her head.

This also explains why the Rosalie thing never really stood a chance, despite the fact that Carlisle tried his best to make Edward less lonely by bringing Rosalie into the family. And if you remember, Tanya was also interested in Edward, but that never happened either.

Well, maybe there really is such a thing as a soulmate?

Source: Reddit