The Gilded Age’s Russell Family Drama Keeps Fans Hooked

The Gilded Age’s Russell Family Drama Keeps Fans Hooked
Image credit: HBO

Bertha certainly knows she’s the main character.


  • The Gilded Age is an HBO period drama that takes viewers back to New York society in the 1880s.
  • The series depicts the conflict between the aristocracy and the wealthy "new money" families.
  • George and Bertha Russell are considered by many fans to be the main characters of the show.

Whether you love period dramas and have binged every episode of The Gilded Age that's been released, or you've never even wanted to watch it, it's very likely that you've seen at least one gif or screenshot from the show.

While it's hard to call The Gilded Age a new Downton Abbey, it has certainly taken its place among the other top dramas.

By HBO's standards, this drama is fairly chill and low-stakes, and certainly not everyone's cup of tea. However, the longer you watch it, the harder it is to put down. Part of this magical pull is due to the nuanced characters brilliantly portrayed by the cast.

The Russell family is just one example of the work that Julian Fellowes has done with the writing team, but it can easily be called the brightest. The unique dynamic within the family and the way they infiltrate aristocratic society, whether society likes it or not, is what keeps people glued to their screens.

Are Bertha and George Russells Going To Divorce In S3?

The most important thing about both Bertha and George Russell is that they are not black and white characters. They are nuanced in a way that perfectly balances each other.

While Bertha isn't the best with her family and can be quite controlling in her own household, but keeps up the pleasant appearances, George is the opposite.

The way he handled the workers' strike shows his darker side. Even though he comes from the same background and knows the struggles of the common workers like no one else, his dismissive attitude doesn't let the viewer see him as a saint.

A man who is a hero to his family, a good father and an attentive husband, he lets this side of him shine through to outsiders.

While many people find the adage about opposites attracting to be true, the differences as such may put Bertha and George's marriage on the rocks in an upcoming season 3.

Now that we know she's made some sort of deal with the Duke and is willing to trade her daughter's hand to secure her position in society, George won't just accept it.

Whether or not Gladys' marriage to the Duke will go through, or if the writers will find a way to play out the story without sacrificing her right to marry for love and not for her mother's schemes, we'll have to wait and see.

Unfortunately, the mere fact that Bertha and George's views on this are so different would be enough to blow the conflict wide open.

If you are interested in checking out season 3 of The Gilded Age, be sure to stay tuned for all the news and behind-the-scenes updates to be the first to know the release date. In the meantime, season 1 and season 2 of the show are available for streaming on Max.