The CW May Replace Walker With the Most Biblical Drama to Exist

The CW May Replace Walker With the Most Biblical Drama to Exist
Image credit: The CW, Angel Studios

This isn’t what we expected from the new lineup.

Ever since The CW announced the changes that would lead to the rebranding of an entire network, viewers weren't sure what exactly that would mean for their favorite shows. However, understanding came as soon as the network began canceling its own originals one by one, leaving the old loyal audience with nothing to look forward to.

With the cancellation of Walker, the show produced by The CW star of more than 20 years, Jared Padalecki, it became clear that the network didn't want to look back and keep ties with the audience it used to attract. With only Wild Cards and All American under its belt, it needs to find something else for the new viewers to come around.

When Will The Chosen Season 4 Premiere?

The Chosen, which premiered in 2017, has become the most successful crowdfunded TV series or film project in history, attracting millions of viewers and posting consistently strong numbers across all streaming platforms. The idea was to create a TV show that would tell the story of Jesus' journey in the dynamic and exciting way of modern television.

Created by Dallas Jenkins, the show has had a very successful run so far, but faced some difficulties with its season 4. Although viewers weren't given any details, according to Jenkins, the new season of the show still hasn't reached streaming platforms due to some legal issues the creators encountered.

Luckily for viewers, the show will be available to stream exclusively on The Chosen app. The first episode will premiere on Sunday, June 2, and the second on Thursday, June 6. All subsequent episodes will follow on Sundays and Thursdays for 4 weeks.

But that's not all. According to TVLine, the biblical drama could be picked up by The CW for the next season. With too many empty slots to fill, the network may want to get The Chosen under its belt, especially since it already aired seasons 1-3 from last summer through Christmas.

Whether The Chosen season 4 will be part of The CW's upcoming 2024/25 lineup, we'll have to wait and see. Until then, if you're interested in watching the show, you can head over to The Chosen app and stream all available seasons.

Source: TVLine