The Boys Season 4 Can Be a Final One, Fans Believe

The Boys Season 4 Can Be a Final One, Fans Believe
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The world of the show will be expanded with another spin-off, which could be a sign that the franchise will continue after the main series ends.


  • As The Boys TV franchise expanded with several spin-offs, it led to concerns from fans
  • However, another spin-off series is on the horizon, making it clear that the show's universe will only continue to grow
  • Still, fans believe it is the only way to continue the franchise after the main show inevitably ends, which could happen sooner rather than later

As The Boys TV franchise began to expand with spin-offs in addition to three seasons of the main series, fans began to express concern that it was becoming the very thing it once poked fun at.

They say that as it continues to grow, it could eventually fall into the same trap that the MCU, DCU, and many other major franchises have fallen into, where an oversaturation of content can lead to viewers burning out.

And yet, with The Boys season 4 on the way and Gen V renewed for a second season, another spin-off show is about to become part of the franchise, showing a different perspective on the world of the series.

A New The Boys Spin-off Set In Mexico Is Planned

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According to Variety's sources, a Spanish-language series set in Mexico City is in the works, with Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, who recently worked on DCU's Blue Beetle, writing the script for the show.

The creator of the main series, Eric Kripke, will serve as executive producer, along with such notable names in Mexican cinema as Diego Luna and Gael García Bernal.

For now, the project remains in a very early stage of development, so no plot information has been revealed, and with deals still being negotiated, it appears that it hasn't been fully greenlit yet.

While this new development has some fans worried, others seem to be on board with the idea and believe that the creators are slowly paving the way for the franchise to continue after the main storyline is finally resolved.

The End of The Boys May Be Closer Than It Seems

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Some viewers mentioned that the eternal cat-and-mouse game between Homelander and Billy Butcher is starting to feel a bit repetitive, so both characters will most likely meet their end relatively soon, just like their comic book counterparts.

They believe that when the main show reaches season 5, it will be time to say goodbye to two of its best characters, and while The Boys will never be the same without them, it is unlikely that the franchise will end.

While turning the series into another huge franchise like the ones it once satirized carries certain risks, fans are willing to watch new projects set in their beloved universe as long as they remain great and worthy of their attention.

The Gen V spinoff was absolutely fantastic, and the new show has every chance of repeating that success.

Although Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer's previous work became a massive box office flop, it was hardly the writer's fault, as the movie received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, and failed largely due to the overall dire state of the DCU.

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As mentioned above, taking the story outside of the U.S. is a great opportunity to introduce viewers to an entirely new perspective on the world of the series, which can provide countless intriguing storylines.

Either way, fans will have to wait for more information on the upcoming series, including its official title and release date.

Are you on board with The Boys continuing through spin-offs?

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