The Boys May Kill This Regular Off For Good, And Literally Nothing Will Change

The Boys May Kill This Regular Off For Good, And Literally Nothing Will Change
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Maybe something will change in season 4.

When the show relies on a few characters to drive the entire plot, it's not surprising to see those characters in every single episode. You wouldn't expect to see an episode of The Big Bang Theory without Sheldon Cooper, or an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit without Olivia Benson.

What's less common is a character who appears in every single episode of the show, but has no relevance to the plot. How can it be that someone takes up at least some screen time in every episode, but doesn't have anything meaningful to say or do? Well, The Boys ' The Deep can tell you all about it.

The character you'd least expect to be in every single episode is actually up there, sharing the title with such staples as Homelander, Starlight, Billy Butcher, and Hughie.

While some might argue that he has an important role to play as comedic relief (if you're amused by the thought of sexual intercourse with animals), others feel that it's the writers' fault for not treating him as an equal.

The Boys May Kill This Regular Off For Good, And Literally Nothing Will Change - image 1One of the biggest quibbles that fans of The Boys who read the comic books have with the adaptation is the way The Deep has been clearly downgraded.

While the essence of his character is there, he's never shown to be nearly as cool and actually powerful as his comic book counterpart. Part of that may have been due to all the difficulties involved in filming the large water or underwater scenes, but that issue should have been resolved before the show was greenlit.

The only fair thing to do now would be to change the story of The Deep in season 4. However, some viewers think it's too late for that, and the change wouldn't feel natural. Another more solid solution would be a Deep-focused spinoff of the original show.

Would you be interested in The Deep-focused spinoff?

According to his interview with Discussing Film, Chace Crawford is already on board! All Amazon Prime needs is Eric Kripke's blessing and enough resources to make it happen.

Until then, you can stream The Boys' already-produced spin-off, Gen V. The show is available to stream on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Discussing Film