'The Boys' S3E6: Starlight's Instagram Live Could Be Her Biggest Mistake

'The Boys' S3E6: Starlight's Instagram Live Could Be Her Biggest Mistake
Image credit: Legion-Media

Don't trust social media too much, folks.

No matter how noble Starlight's intentions were when she went live on Instagram and exposed the Vought and Soldier Boy, her actions might backfire in a way she surely didn't envision.

Many fans have already suggested that Annie is in fact a perfect illustration of the saying "the way to hell is paved with good intentions". Yes, she might have wanted to vocally oppose the Vought and the atrocities they overlooked, including those committed by Homelander, but her explosive revelations can "accelerate Homelander's descent" – and not in the way we all want to see.

Starlight has already been in the situation when Homelander tried to force her to kill Hughie. Now that the latter has acquired superhuman abilities, things might be okay for him, but what if Hughie's place is taken by someone less lucky?

While her actions are understandable, the consequences might be terrible, according to fans.

"She wants to do the right thing without doing a wrong thing. And usually that is what we would like people to want. But in extreme scenarios like this, it can be a wrong thing in itself." – /IntroductionStill496.

Still, everyone agrees that Starlight's video message is certainly about to make some mess for everyone to try and get out of in the final episodes of 'The Boys '.

"That video got me the most hyped out of anything in this episode. The sheer chaos that this will create in the next episode." – /RebaseTokenomics.

Just how well will Annie herself take what's coming is another question. With Homelander potentially about to cross all imaginable lines, the two remaining episodes will surely have everyone in heebie-jeebies.

The season finale hits Prime Video on July 8.