The Boys Fans Are Sick and Tired of Eric Kripke’s ‘Hilarious’ Tone Deaf Jokes

The Boys Fans Are Sick and Tired of Eric Kripke’s ‘Hilarious’ Tone Deaf Jokes
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It’s time to level up the humor.

From the very beginning of The Boys, there were two things about the show that combined to make it a runaway success. First, it was unapologetically violent and gory, and the shock factor kept viewers tuning in. Second, it wasn't afraid to comment on even the most uncomfortable topics.

The show has always walked a fine line between addressing society's most horrific problems and laughing at the victims. However, the constant jokes about sexual assault and showrunner Eric Kripke's seeming lack of understanding of its gravity are making fans more uncomfortable with each passing episode.

The Boys’ Most Disturbing Jokes

The subject of sexual assault has always been one of the most exploited in the show. Starting with the pilot, and The Deep's treatment of Starlight, who had just joined The Seven, and then through many other cases over 4 seasons, The Boys couldn't let go of the issue.

Given how common these cases of harassment and assault are in real life, the show could have done justice to the issue by raising more awareness and calling out predatory behavior in its iconic style. But that's not how The Boys uses its power. Instead, Eric Kripke, who created the show, sees these moments as humorous.

The producer is now facing backlash from The Boys fans after his interview with Variety. When asked about the show's recent dubious scene in which Hughie ends up in Tek Knight's sex dungeon, Kripke dismissed all concerns and explained that the writing team found the concept ‘hilarious’.

“The idea of Spider-Man going down to be kink tickled in the Batcave is just too good to pass up. I’m sorry, I just couldn’t leave that on the table. <...> I love that it’s just such a perfect setup that he doesn’t know his own safe word. It’s just like a beautiful comedy setup that he’s trying to find it the whole time.”

The majority of viewers don't agree with the writer's stance on this issue and now don't feel as confident about continuing the 4th season. Kripke himself has not commented further on the situation, so fans can only guess whether this was a poorly worded response or a true belief he holds.

If you are still interested in seeing where The Boys season 4 leads, be sure to tune in to Prime Video every Thursday to not miss another episode.

Source: Variety