Teen Wolf On-Set Drama That Made Colton Haynes Leave the Show

Teen Wolf On-Set Drama That Made Colton Haynes Leave the Show
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The explosive new memoir, Miss Memory Lane, details the conflicts that led to Colton Haynes leaving two popular TV series: Arrow and Teen Wolf. Haynes, who was cast in the starring role of Jackson Whittemore in the 2011 MTV reboot of Teen Wolf – left abruptly after two seasons.

The infamous antagonist to Scott and Stiles later returned for a brief appearance in the final season of Teen Wolf yet not without controversy. At the time, it was rumored that Haynes was clashing with other cast members (an issue that recently came up regarding his beef with cast members on the set of Arrow). However, Haynes writes in the memoir that his departure from Teen Wolf was more to do with failed negotiations:

"The real truth was that they didn't want to pay me the same amount as everyone else," Haynes complains in Miss Memory Lane. Haynes continues that his relationship with the rest of the cast and crew on Teen Wolf had soured, partly because of issues outside his control:

"It didn't help that I was represented by a team of people who made the Teen Wolf production's life a living hell. So in order to get back at my team, the production refused to pay me the standard [Hollywood rate] salary."

Colton Haynes left Teen Wolf after the end of the second season creating a huge gap in the story taking place on Beacon Hills. At the time (October 2012), Haynes left little explanation as to the mysterious departure: "I'm sad that this chapter has ended, but excited for a new one to begin," he vaguely responded.

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Now, in the revealing memoir, Haynes opens up regarding the many failures and obstacles he overcame in the past. Miss Memory Lane is described as "a brutally honest and moving memoir of lust, abuse, addiction, and stardom". It's also a personal account of redemption. In fact, Colton Haynes will return later this year in Teen Wolf: The Movie (Paramount+).

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It's a tremendous step forward for the 34-year-old actor who provides a courageous account of overcoming anxiety and seeking help for addiction. During the time period he was shooting Teen Wolf, Haynes admits his substance abuse "regressed into really dark times".

Haynes has recently been linked to another TV show controversy. He left Arrow after the third season (yet returned for a brief season four appearance). In Miss Memory Lane, Haynes also gets into that separation explaining he "couldn't stand" working with one of the castmates.

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However, Haynes fails to disclose precisely which actor he took issue with. Who do you think it was?