Teen Wolf Movie Cast is Game For Potential Sequel; Do We Need One, Though?

Teen Wolf Movie Cast is Game For Potential Sequel; Do We Need One, Though?
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Do fans even want the Teen Wolf story to continue?

Ever since the Teen Wolf revival hit the screens of Paramount Plus users around the world, talk of a potential sequel has dominated fan discussions. So far, just a week after its premiere, the movie has received a mixed reception from critics and audiences.

While critics have been largely negative, viewers seem to be divided. In any case, Paramount Plus got exactly what every streaming service is looking for: huge viewership. So a sequel doesn't sound too crazy.

The plot of the revival clearly set the stage for a possible sequel, leaving some threads hanging. The original gang is reunited and ready to solve more Beacon Hills mysteries. Another important factor in Teen Wolf: The Movie 2's favor is the willingness of the cast and creators to delve further into the Teen Wolf universe.

"I can tell you several other people are thinking about [continuing Teen Wolf], the cast especially," Jeff Davis told TV Line.

The creator added that the reunion had become a very special event for the cast, who were happy to return to the beloved story, adding that even if he can't come up with any more good stories himself, he can always find new writers who have a fresh take. Tyler Posey also said in an interview that he would love to return for a sequel.

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Such enthusiasm may come from speculation about the three-movie deal with Paramount Plus. Rumor has it that the first movie must do well for the other two to be greenlit. But is that what the fans want?

Not all dedicated viewers are on board with the continuation. Some of them feel that the first movie was not good enough to get a sequel. The changes in the cast disappointed the fans. Many stars were missing in the movie, and with most of the remaining cast having busy schedules, it doesn't promise to get any better. Besides, the movie ruined almost all the romantic storylines, and it is not even worth watching what comes next for the beloved pairings, fans think.

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Another major fan argument against a sequel is what kind of story could top both the show and the first movie. The creators have already used the best villain from the series, so it feels like a sequel could only lower the stakes, which will inevitably lead to disappointment.