TBBT Fans Won't Recognize Kaley Cuoco in First 'Role Play' Images

TBBT Fans Won't Recognize Kaley Cuoco in First 'Role Play' Images
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Photos from the upcoming movie show the actress' versatility.


  • Kaley Cuoco 's talent is not limited to TBBT, as she has since starred in many great TV series and movies.
  • January 2024 will see the release of a new movie with the actress, Role Play.
  • The first images will definitely make you wonder if it's Cuoco and not someone else!

Unlike Penny who dreamed of being an actress in Hollywood, Kaley Cuoco's talent extends far beyond The Big Bang Theory. She debuted as a child actress in the 90’s, and her acting skills only grew with each project she jumped into, effectively padding Cuoco's track record with great performances.

After TBBT, her Hollywood fame only grew with a starring role in HBO Max 's dark comedy The Flight Attendant, which earned her a slew of prestigious nominations, as well as an appearance in Peacock 's comedy thriller Based on a True Story. But now it's her turn for a new project, the feature film Role Play, which will be released on Prime Video next January. Cuoco's acting range continues to expand, showing just how versatile her talent is, as fans of the actress won't recognize her in a brand-new persona.

What Is the Movie About?

Every couple has its secrets. This is the motto of a new comedy action thriller. According to the premise, David and Emma are an ordinary couple who like to embellish their romantic life with role-playing. One day, the couple pretend to be strangers who met in a bar, but the situation is complicated by the sudden appearance of a mysterious man connected to Emma's dark past. As a result, David must face the shocking news that his wife is one of the most dangerous assassins hunted by both other hitmen and the feds, while trying to save their marriage.

The film was directed by French filmmaker Thomas Vincent, who rose to fame with the 2016 drama The New Life of Paul Sneijder. In his own words, the movie is a reimagining of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, dealing with the difficulties of family life in a 'seven-year itch situation.'

'Whenever we ran into something that was not working as we thought it should, the solution was always: Make it about them as a couple. They love each other, we love seeing them together, but they're a bit tired of each other and she has been lying for a while. How are they going to get over that secret?' The director elaborated referring to the great chemistry between the lead actors.

Who Else Is in It Besides Cuoco?

In addition to Cuoco, David is played by David Oyelowo, known for his role as Martin Luther King Jr. in Selma, the HBO drama Nightingale, and the recently released Amazon series Silo, where he played the critically acclaimed Sheriff Holston Becker.

Emma's enigmatic former colleague Bob was played by Bill Nighy, known for the Underworld and Pirates of the Caribbean film franchises and star of the acclaimed British drama 2022 Living.

The Actress' Unrecognizable Appearance

But now we come to the most exciting part, the first pictures from the upcoming movie!

TBBT Fans Won't Recognize Kaley Cuoco in First 'Role Play' Images - image 1

On some of them we can see Kaley Cuoco in her familiar look, playing the role of an exemplary and loving wife: the typical hairstyle, dyed blonde, the typical inconspicuous home clothes and the typical almost imperceptible make-up. This is how Emma is known to her husband.

TBBT Fans Won't Recognize Kaley Cuoco in First 'Role Play' Images - image 2

After a few pictures, however, we see the character change dramatically and adopt her assassin persona: red wig, bright makeup, and the predatory look of a professional killer, as seen in the photo with Bill Nighy's character.

TBBT Fans Won't Recognize Kaley Cuoco in First 'Role Play' Images - image 3

Is the 'suburban wife' Emma's true identity lurking behind the guise of a dangerous killer, or is it just another mask of hers that provides an effective cover? This question alone shows how versatile an actress Kaley Cuoco is.

Role Play will premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on January 12, 2024.

Source: EW.

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