Taylor Sheridan's Most Watched Shows, Ranked by Billion Minutes Viewed

Taylor Sheridan's Most Watched Shows, Ranked by Billion Minutes Viewed
Image credit: Paramount+

In just under a decade, Taylor Sheridan has gone from being a complete unknown to one of Hollywood's most sought-after screenwriters and de facto creative director for Paramount +, all thanks to his hit series "Yellowstone", which revitalized the Western genre on television.

Sheridan earns millions directing, writing and producing various shows for the streaming platform, but is each of his shows really worth the money Paramount is paying him?

On the surface, every show with Sheridan's name in the credits is extremely popular, with thousands of viewers leaving reviews and top critics sharing their opinions, but dig a little deeper and a different picture begins to emerge.

Here are Taylor Sheridan 's most and least watched TV shows, ranked:

While each of Sheridan's shows managed to cross the 1 billion stream hour mark, that doesn't really mean that much - with streaming platforms dominating the entertainment world, such numbers no longer surprise anyone. Still, "Yellowstone 's" results look pretty solid, but only if you ignore the fact that the show had 47 episodes.

By that margin, "1923" is certainly the most popular of Sheridan's shows, and it looks like Harrison Ford 's involvement helped cement the project's success.

Let's hope that Sheridan continues to excite audiences and premieres shows that can garner even more respectable ratings.