Taurus Season: 10 Must-Watch Shows for the Gentlest & Most Hedonistic Zodiac Sign

Taurus Season: 10 Must-Watch Shows for the Gentlest & Most Hedonistic Zodiac Sign
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Let's live the way the stars tell us we should.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20) is the only zodiac sign that combines so many different traits that it seems absolutely impossible for one person to represent them all. But somehow we really do! And believe me when I say it, because I am a Taurus.

We are loyal, stubborn, sensual, extremely lazy or the most hardworking people out there. We can work without weekends for months but still be the ones who will somehow put their comfort before all. We love hedonistic lifestyle: literally, there are only few things that I enjoy more than going out for some fancy food.

Our preferences are all over the place, and that includes the TV shows we like. So here's a list of series every Taurus will find extremely bingeable.

1. Friends

Where to stream: Netflix, Prime

Well, it's no surprise that as a Taurus, I love Friends with all my heart. The show has several main characters and it's perfect because every Taurus can relate to all of them. Being all about good food like Monica and Joey; sharing Ross' love of picking on every detail of every affair; really understanding Rachel's fashion addiction; being funny like Chandler and quirky like Phoebe.

Taurus also loves all things routine, so having 10 seasons of a show where every episode starts in the same place with the same people really seems like a safe bet for Taurus.

2. Schitt’s Creek

Where to stream: Hulu, Netflix

Another superpower of us bulls is the fact that we can adapt to almost any situation. Yes, we will scream in agony about how much we hate whatever is happening to us, but we will still manage to not only get through it, but turn it into a life lesson worth remembering.

Schitt's Creek characters are all about being stubborn, but in a good and healthy way. The Roses learned how to live in their new reality of being poor and living somewhere off the beaten track. But by making this life work for them, they turned it into another opportunity to become even stronger and wealthier than they were before. Classic Taureans!

3. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Where to stream: Prime

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a perfect show for Tauruses for many reasons. For starters, it revolves around home and comfort that a woman provides for her family. And as we know, Tauruses are all about taking care of others and making their life happier.

But when we realize that it was all for nothing, we finally start taking care of ourselves. Like Midge Maisel in the show: a devoted Jewish housewife becomes one of the most popular stand-up comediennes in the world, simply because she once found the courage to get up on stage when her life was crumbling.

4. Bridgerton

Where to stream: Netflix

I can say for sure that being able to express their feelings is an essential need for Taurus people. The enigmatic sexual energy that only Taurus has is a gift that needs to be translated into the world. That's why shows like Bridgeton, which are full of characters, both male and female, who are not afraid of their emotions and feelings, are a must-see.

5. The Big Bang Theory

Where to stream: Prime

As a Taurus, I just love quirky humor and weird characters. That is why The Big Bang Theory is my #1 show. The series has an ensemble cast, so it's easy to find someone you can relate to.

The many punches Howard throws at the rest of the gang and Sheldon's constant showing off turn The Big Bang Theory into one of the most enjoyable things to watch for Taurus.

6. The Simpsons

Where to stream: Hulu, Prime

Now talk about loyalty! The Simpsons is one of the oldest animated series ever created, and the longest as well. The series has been on air since 1989, and even now we don’t think that it’s going to end soon.

The weird family of the Simpsons consists of five destructive individuals who somehow work in perfect sync when they are together. Marge is a loving wife who always chooses her goofy husband, and Homer is a lovable weirdo who will do anything for his family. And that's the kind of loyalty we Tauruses appreciate most.

7. Suits

Where to stream: Prime, Netflix

I remember watching Suits back when they were freshly released and loving it so much that I decided to become a lawyer, like the show’s main character Harvey Specter. There’s the thing about Tauruses: we are very easily impressed with powerful people and always project their success on us.

The show deals with serious topics and gives viewers a glimpse into the life of a major law firm. The captivating show is full of unexpected twists and turns that keep you glued to the screen to see what happens next to the characters.

8. Lucifer

Where to stream: Netflix

Those who were born under the Taurus sign really appreciate appearances. I'm not saying we don’t care about what’s inside – we do, and deeply – but the looks also matter for us. That’s why the urge to watch Lucifer was immediate when I saw Tom Ellis playing the enigmatic ruler of Hell.

The series is a detective fantasy drama that revolves around Lucifer and his detective partner. Of course, as it always happens, they fall in love… But there’s a catch!

9. Gravity Falls

Where to stream: Disney+

Half of my heart is dedicated to animated series: there's something in them that the usual shows desperately lack. Gravity Falls has a fantasy premise that revolves around two adventurous siblings trying to uncover the magical secrets of the small town where they have been sent to spend the summer.

10. The Sopranos

Where to stream: Prime, Hulu

Remember when I told you that Taurus can combine things that no other sign can? Well, it's hard to imagine a person who loves gritty crime dramas as much as light-hearted cartoons, right? But it is what it is, and The Sopranos is actually a perfect watch for our sign.

It has it all: the drama, the humor, a lot of family shenanigans, complicated three-dimensional characters and a lot of stories to analyze. With the main character Tony Soprano being the mob boss you grow to love, the show is definitely a must watch.